Issue 72

1 - 14 December 1998

IC Reporter


Letters to the Editor

Tiddlywinks delight

Dear IC Reporter,

I was delighted to read in the IC Reporter that Imperial boasts the world tiddlywinks champion, and that Imperial are in training to play Oxford. It reminded me of my own fine career as a member of the 1978 Cambridge University tiddlywinks team. In those days Oxford were in demise. Well actually they didn’t even have a team. So for the Blues match we drove over to Oxford, rounded up eight people who were prepared to learn, taught them in the morning, and thrashed them 8-0 in the afternoon. This gave us great satisfaction and we were consequently awarded our colours - quarter Blues - for this resounding success.

Yours sincerely,
Steve Warren
Blackett Laboratory


Dear IC Reporter,

For some time there has been talk of introducing new lecture courses into undergraduate degrees with an environmental bias. In order to be up to date with other European (particularly Spanish) universities, the Environmental Society is proposing that lecture courses tailored to each discipline should be introduced as third and fourth year options. The resources to set up a humanities option which covers renewable energy and sustainable agriculture already exist but we are concerned that the depth of focus that students may need to enter into a particular area (such as renewables) could not be achieved teaching a broad scale course, whereas it could within each scientific field.

We will be holding an open half day session next term to which we are inviting academics who research and teach in these areas. We also hope that course administrators will be able to attend so that we can begin the process of designing suitable courses.

We will be putting supporters lists on lecture theatre doors and in common areas which we would ask anyone to sign who maybe interested in these courses so that we can have an idea of their potential following. Signing would not commit people to be involved but would help us to rally support. Anyone interested to learn more can contact me at the below address, alternatively we meet on Mondays at 18.00 in the Physics Lecture Theatre 2.

Tom Smith
Environmental Society, energy and economy group

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