Airbus Group Innovations

Collaboration to develop and deploy the underpinning technology for Laminar Flow Control


The Laminar Flow Control UK (LFC-UK) programme investigated the theoretical, computational and experimental fluid dynamics of flows past/around aeroplane wings and engines. textThe overall objective was to reduce drag on aeroplane wings, and Airbus Group Innovations was a key partner in the programme.

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Key activities within the collaboration are as follows:

  • Airbus Group Innovations (AGI) supported the project with attendance at regular review meetings and active participation in steering the broad directions of the research.

  • AGI made available 50% of the time of a Research Specialist on Flow Control to be made available over the duration of the project to work directly on project activities and to support technology pull-through to industry.  In addition, AGI made a substantial direct financial contribution to the project as part of its involvement in the 'Smart Active Wing of the Future' Programme.

  • Several PhD students and postdocs undertook secondments at AGI and Airbus Operations hosted periodic workshops to facilitate knowledge exchange.  The most successful of these was implemented in 2013, when a total of ~70 participants attended a 2 day event at Airbus’s premises in Bristol.


Multiwave Technologies AG

Collaboration to speed up the design of metamaterials


Researchers in the Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics section are pairing with Swiss company Multiwave Technologies AG to work on algorithms that will accelerate the design phase of metamaterials and bring them to market quicker.

imageFaculty of Natural Sciences (FoNS) Corporate Partnerships team was heavily involved in developing the collaboration between Multiwave Technologies AG and Imperial College London. Read more about the Multiwave collaboration here.