In quantum communications, photonic quantum simulation and quantum computers, single photon states are the most important resource.

We research into schemes to generate pure, bright, identical single photons in various frequency ranges associated with a wide range of applications. Lasers are closely related to the development of quantum mechanics, as they are the most accurate device ever invented. In order to make the quantum technology viable, we investigate custom-made lasers which can be adapted to quantum device applications and subsequently commercialised. 

Quantum Light Sources


Single-photon Sources

We are working on methods to generate and manipulate single photons using:

  1. Single molecules - Clark Group
  2. Nanophotonic structures - Oulton Group
  3. Nonlinear optics - Kolthammer group

Laser Development

We develop novel laser sources for a range of applied applications. These include highly engineered lasers developed towards satellite-based remote sensing for European Space Agency, and ultra-high precision wavelength tunable lasers to enable future commercial quantum technology applications

Damzen Group

Taylor Group


Room Temperature Maser Development

Masers are devices that amplify microwave photons. We investigate room-temperature masers, and our primary focus is to develop materials and devices which can facilitate quantum optics schemes at microwave frequencies.

The Maser Group