Series 18 - Scientific notebooks, papers and correspondence

Date Rangec. 1855 - c. 1885
Quantity16 Volumes
ProvenanceHuxley, Thomas Henry

Scientific notebooks, papers and correspondence, first series


Inventory Listing

Botanical notebook, c 1870 - c 1882, 98 folios


1 'Green plants'. Notes on Protococcus, Diatomaceae, Pteris, Chara, etc. Diagram of
Chara, dated 11 October 1875, mounted on folio 16vo
25 Notes on experiment with Pasteur' solution described by P [illegible], [1870]. See
The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley volume 8, chapter VIII
32 'Penicillium glaucum'. Notes. [Some pages, which would have been numbered 1 and
5 by Huxley, appear to be missing, and others seem to be in the wrong order]
43 Notes on Monads
46 Further notes on Monads, and on books by De Bary, H J Clark, Dallinger and
Drysdale, etc [1870]
55 Pencil diagrams dated 3 December 1873 and 4 January 1874. 'Cienkowsky's Monads,
67 'Tyndallls specimens'. Notes, 15 October 1875 to 31 January 1876. See Huxley
Papers, 9.93-96; 1.92-97
82 Notes about Pringsheim on Saprolegnia
88 Letter from Sir William THISELTON-DYER, 5 March 1882, from Kew. Description, with
comments, of Worthington Smith's observations on salmon disease. 'The worst of WCS
is one never knows what he has really seen'. Adverse effect of seawater on
Saprolegnia; Lankester's severe letter about Wansborough Jones' unsuitability as
candidate for some election has confirmed his own doubts about Jones
92 Further notes on Pringsheim; W C Smith on the salmon disease in the Gardener's
, 4 May 1878

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL I
Date range c. 1870 - c. 1882
Formats General Correspondence, Notebooks and Drawings
Inventory Identifier VOL I Box Number I Series 18
Invertebrata notebook, volume 1, c 1870, 155 folios

Six notebooks, each 20 cm, bound together. The titles given below are those on each notebook

1 Coelenterata, Actinizoa. Notes on corals, coral reefs, for lectures
[Critiques and addresses, 1870?]
28 Echinodermata. Lecture notes
57 Insecta. Myriapoda. Notes on Blatta, Mysis apoda, etc. Four pages
between folios 70 and 71 and two pages between folios 73 and 74 have been cut
82 Arachnida. Notes on Scorpio, etc
110 Ommastrephes, Sepia. Brief notes
129 Cephalopoda. Fossil forms

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL II
Date range c. 1870
Formats Notebooks
Inventory Identifier VOL II Box Number II Series 18
Invertebrata notebook, volume 2, c 1855-1885, 192 folios


1 Hirudinea. Notes on Branchiobdella, etc. Sketches
16 Echinodermata. Notes on Cryptocrinites, Glyptostites. Diagrams [1855?]
21 Xiphosura. Notes, diagrams, on Limulus [1855?]
64 Tracheata with Peripatus
76 Notes on Blatta, dated 3 November 1876
79 Lamellibranchiata
80 Notes [Tenby, 1855?] on Anomia ephippia, etc
91 'On the morphology of the genus Ostraea'
161 Letter from Edward JOHNSON, 28 October 1882, Dover House, Newport Road,
West Cowes. Asks for an opinion on the disease affecting a barrel of oysters which
he is sending to Huxley at the request of Sir H Thompson; invitation to the fishery which
he has managed for sixteen years
163 Notes, dated 31 October 1882, on meeting with Sir H Thompson and the examination
and consumption of the oysters
170 Scaphoda, Gastropoda, Cephalopoda
171 Notes on Dentalium, 31 August 1885. See also B 96.2
179 Notes on Sepia, 11 October 1877. This date is given on folio 189

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL III
Date range c. 1855 - c. 1885
Formats General Correspondence and Notebooks
Inventory Identifier VOL III Box Number III Series 18
Crustacea notebook, c 1855-1881, 246 folios


1 Crustacea. Miscellaneous
2 Zoological Society of London. Programme of Huxley's course of Davis lectures, 17
May to 21 June 1878, on Crustaceous Animals. Printed notice
3 Notes for the six lectures
16 Notes on Cancerpagurus, Dromia, Homola, Thalassina, Penaeus, etc. See
The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley volume 4, XVI. 'On the
classification. . . of Crayfishes'
59 Letter from Ronald TRIMEN, 6 January 1881, 2 Portsdown Road, W [London].
Observations on Homarus capensis; will try to procure Huxley some more specimens
61 Notes on specimens of Homarus capensis from Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope,
obtained by Trimen, 30 December 1880. See Huxley Papers 28.42
70 Notes on Mysis vulgaris, at Tenby [1855?]
94 Notes on a 'very remarkable crustacean' from Pendine Bay [Tenby] [1855?]. See
C36: Calyptoceros
102 Crayfishes. General notes, 1878-1879. See 'The Crayfish: an introduction
to the study of Zoology, 1879'
118 'Chapter V. The comparative morphology of the Crayfish', 17 July 1879
131 Royal Engineer Institute. Printed notice for a lecture on the geographical distribution
of animals, given by Huxley, 3 April 1878
240- Distribution sketch maps

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL IV
Date range c. 1855 - c. 1881
Formats General Correspondence and Notebooks
Inventory Identifier VOL IV Box Number IV Series 18
Miscellaneous Vertebrata notebook, c 1874-1878, 176 folios


1 Proposed Elementary Treatise on Vertebrata
3 'Introduction to the study of the Vertebrata'. Special and comparative morphology, etc
4 Notes. Detailed observations on the Salamander. Many pages in this section are
quite blank except for a single line of subject heading
46 Notes on 'the three primary groups, the Ichthyopsida, the Sauropsida and the
Mammalia'. See Anatomy of vertebrated animals, chapter III
83 Amphioxus. Notes, dated 28 November 1874, on folio 105
111, 112 Sketches: Petromyzon, Ceratodus, etc
113 Organ of Jacobson. Notes and diagrams
119 Notes for lectures on the Vertebrate Limb, July 1878
123 Vertebrate Head, with especial reference to Trigeminal and facial nerves and
trabeculae. See The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley vol 4, IV

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL V
Date range c. 1874 - c. 1878
Formats Notebooks and Sketches
Inventory Identifier VOL V Box Number V Series 18
Marsipobranchi and pisces notebook, c 1858-1862, 187 folios


1 Marsipobranchii
2 Notes for a lecture [?] on the morphology of the skull of the Marsipobranchii;
Ammocoetes, etc
11 General notes
60 Pisces. Miscellaneous. This section consists of a large number of unrelated
61-75 'Fish type'. Notebook, 20 cm
80 Notes on the development of the embryo; Scyllium canicula, etc
94 Notes for a proposed monograph on Callorhynchus
113 Classification of fishes. Diagrams
126 - 'Anatomy of Ichthyopsida'. Notebook, without covers, 20 cm
165 'Mr Powrie's large Glytolepsis, 21 October 1862'. Description. See Drawings, D35
168 - Memorandum by John HARLEY, 1 April 1859, King's College. 'Analysis of the bony
171 covering of Pteraspis
172 - Memorandum by the same, 10 December 1858. 'Description of a new species of
187 Cephalaspis from the Old Red Sandstone of the neighbourhood of Ludlow'. See
Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London volume 15, 1859,
page 503. The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley volume 1,
page 519

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL VI
Date range c. 1858 - c. 1862
Formats Memoranda and Notebooks
Inventory Identifier VOL VI Box Number VI Series 18
Teleostei notebook, c 1881-1882, 240 folios


1 Teleostie. General
2 'The morphology of the Teleostean fishes'. Charts, diagrams
9 Taxonomy of Teleostei
26, 27 'Lectures to Working Men, 1882. Six lectures on fishes'. List
28 Acanthopteri. Miscellaneous notes on classification, etc
53 Anacanthini. Notes, pencil sketches. Folio 70 is dated 24 November 1882
83 Clupesoces. Morphology of pilchard, Esox lucius, etc. Classification lists.
136 Muraenidae. Notes on Anguilla fluviatilis, etc
176 Ostariophysiae
183 'The Siluridae'. General observations. Sketches
190 'Gunther's divisions'
203 '1884. Lectures on Biology, part II. Special Geology and Palaeontology. 24 - 30
217 Salmonidae. General notes
230 Diagram of the head of a male salmon, 30 December 1881

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL VII
Date range c. 1881 - c. 1882
Formats Notebooks and Sketches
Inventory Identifier VOL VII Box Number VII Series 18
Amphibia notebook, c 1858, 83 folios


1 Notes on the morphology of an unidentified amphibian

The following notes are on paper size 24 cm

7 Triton, 27 May 1858
16 Frog. Growth of the embryo: observations, from 21 March 1858
21 Structure of the hen egg: development of embryo; observations
66 Development of larva, April [1858]. Continuation of observations on frog embryo

See Drawings, E16: Triton larva, etc; E26: larval frogs

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL VIII
Date range c. 1858
Formats Notebooks
Inventory Identifier VOL VIII Box Number VIII Series 18
Reptilia and aves notebook, c 1858-1882, 254 folios


1 Lacertilia
2-16 Notebook on Lacertilia; morphology, classification, etc, 20 cm
17 Notes on Ophiderpeton, Ichthyerpeton
21 Portion of a notebook: Homoeosaurus. Brief notes on other fossil forms, 22 cm
39 Plesiosauria
40 Notes on a Plesiosaurus from the limestone beds of the Lower Lias, Street, Somerset.
Ink sketches
75 Ichthyosaurus, Lakin collection, the British Museum. Notes, diagrams [1858?]
80 'On a new species of Plesiosaurus, with remarks on the structure of the atlas and axis
vertebrae and of the cranium of that genus'. See The Scientific Memoirs of
Thomas Henry Huxley
vol 1, XLIX
98 Chelonia
99 Portion of a notebook: 'Lungs of Chelonia'. Notes on Testudo graeca, Emys europea,
etc [1882], 20 cm. See also E 54-57
110 Crocodilia
111 Notebook: Crocodilia: general characteristics. Interleaved with further notes, 20 cm
144 'On remains of Crocodilian and Lacertilian reptiles from Nagpur'. Draft. Apparently
unpublished; see Records of the Geological Survey of India, vol XIV, 1881,
pages 174-175
169- Plates illustrating the article above on saurian remains; possibly proofs of an
176 unpublished article
177 Dinosauria. 'Notes upon the Dinosauria'.
182 'On the structure of the skeleton of the genus Iguanodon'. Draft. Notes and sketches
(the paper has deteriorated very much)
225 Pterosauria
226 Notebook. 'Fossil reptiles', 20 cm
238 Aves
240 Notes on Allen Thomson on the ovum, 19.5 cm
246 'Mechanism of flight in birds'. Sketches, 25 cm
249 Notes on Aptenodytes forsteri, Albatross, etc

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL IX
Date range c. 1858 - c. 1882
Formats Notebooks and Sketches
Inventory Identifier VOL IX Box Number IX Series 18
Mammalia (miscellaneous) notebook, c 1879, 174 folios


1 Mammalia. Miscellaneous. General notes on the Monotremata: the Rabbit,
etc, January - February 1879
16 Lectures LXXXVI - LXXXVIII, 13-15 February 1879. Notes, sketches
27 Lecture XXIII. The Pig, no date
37 'Succession in time of the form of the Ungulata'
45 Lectures XXVII - XXXVI. The Dog, the Raccoon and the Ichneumon; higher
Mammalia; modifications of the dentition of Primates, etc. Notes
61 Notebook, without covers. Suidae, Hippopotamidae, 20 cm
84 Toxodon: skeletal system. Sketches
88 Material for intended monograph based on the study of Phalangista
89 References; classification; notes on Phascologale
104 'Contribution to the morphology of the Vertebrata II. On the morphological relations of
Phalangista vulpina'. Sketches
151 Edentata
152 'Contribution to the morphology of the Vertebrata. The morphology and affinities of the
156 Orycteropus. Notes dated 5 December 1879
169 Description of a Tamandua tetradactyla from the Zoological Society's Gardens,
December 1879
170 Carpal and tarsal bones of Megatherium, etc. Sketch

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL X
Date range c. 1879
Formats Notebooks and Sketches
Inventory Identifier VOL X Box Number X Series 18
Rodentia, hyrax, sirenia and proboscidea notebook, c 1868, 208 folios


1 Rodentia. Miscellaneous notes, sketches
13-30 Notebook, without covers. Morphology of brown rat, etc, 20.5 cm
31 Lecture notes. Dentition, classification, etc
44 Hyrax. Morphology, etc
66 Sirenia. Miscellaneous notes on the Dugong
72 List of lectures
113 Heart of Dugong, 1868
137 Notes on Manatee, Halitherium
180 Proboscidae. Elephas indicus, Mastodon: skeletal structure, etc

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL XI
Date range c. 1868
Formats Notebooks and Sketches
Inventory Identifier VOL XI Box Number XI Series 18
Carnivora, chiefly Canidae notebook, Volume 1, c 1856-1880, 221 folios


1 Carnivora, Miscellaneous. Lecture notes, etc, on Canidae, Phocidae,
Otaridae, etc, February - March 1866
89 Walrus, 27 February 1866
96 Phoca vitulina, 18 March 1856
98 Canidae
105 Notes for ten lectures on the Dog; general characteristics, etc. Diagrams
177 Letter from William Thomas BLANFORD, 25 April 1880, 8 Prince's Street, Hanover
Square [London]. Thanks for Huxley's help in his brother's candidature for the
fellowship of the Royal Society; pleasure in Godwin Austen's candidature
179 Note from J Wood MASON, 17 March 1880, on a specimen of Vulpes bengalensis to
be sent to Huxley
180 Letter from George ROLLESTON, 1 March 1880, Oxford. Remarks on the marsupial
vo induration of Thylacinus cynocephalus; can lend Huxley a wolf's skeleton; would like
his views on his notes on Lord's 'Naturalist in British Columbia'; a remedy for Mrs
Huxley's neuralgia. See also XIII.10
182 Letter from Sir Joseph FAYRER, 8 May 1880, 16 Granville Place, Portman Square
[London]. Is writing to India, Ceylon, etc, in order to obtain specimens of canine crania
for Huxley
184 Letter from William Thomas BLANFORD, 1 May 1880, 8 Prince's Street, Hanover
Square [London]. Information with references about the Jackal (Cuon) in Burma;
observations on the Dog-wolf in India
186 Letter from Arnim VAMBERY, 1 May 1880, Pesth University. Is attempting to procure
a Hungarian shepherd dog for Huxley
187 Letter from [ ], 5 April 1880, 14 Warwick Road, Upper Clapton [London]. Account of
the writer's dog which found its way back to a former home
189 Pedigree of a Deer hound, descended from the Maida of Sir Walter Scott. Not in
Huxley's hand
192 Notes on skulls of species of Canidae and a skeleton of Octocyon at the [Royal
College of Surgeons], 19 January 1880
198 THE STANDARD, 10 April 1880. Account of Huxley's address at the Royal Institution,
'The coming of age of the Origin of Species'. Press cutting
199 'On the cranial and dental character of the Canidae'. Notes. See The
Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley
vol 4, XXV
212 'On the epipubis in the Dog and Fox'. Annotated in another hand: 'Received January
30, 1880'. Manuscript of the article reprinted in The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas
Henry Huxley
vol 4, XXII
216 'Friday lecture on Dogs. Royal Institution. April 6 and 8, 1880'. Rough notes

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL XII
Date range c. 1856 - c. 1880
Formats General Correspondence, Notebooks and Sketches
Inventory Identifier VOL XII Box Number XII Series 18
Carnivora and cetacea with zeuglodon notebook, c 1857-1880, 204 folios


1 Canidae
2 Press cutting on the second lecture on Dogs at the Royal Institution [14 April 1880]
3 Hyaenodon: dentition, etc
10- Notes, probably made by George ROLLESTON, on the 'Naturalist in British Columbia'.
12 See also XII, 180vo
14 Octocyon, Canis vulpes, etc. Notes, diagrams, distribution of canidae, etc
41 Cetacea. Miscellaneous
56 Balaneoidea. Lecture notes; diagrams of skulls of Balena, etc
123 Delphinoidea. Lecture notes; diagrams; Xiphius, etc
148- 'On the Cetacean fossils named Xiphius'. Proceedings of the Geological Society
, May 1864, pages 388-396. Printed extract
157 Memorandum, signed WTB [William Thomas BLANFORD] on the stomach of the
bottle-nosed porpoise. Diagram
159 Phocaena. Lecture notes; diagrams
175vo Notes on porpoise dated 17 January 1865
194 Phocoena communis, 19 June 1857. Description of a specimen
199 Zeuglodontidae. Notes on morphology of Zeuglodon

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL XIII
Date range c. 1857 - c. 1880
Formats Notebooks and Sketches
Inventory Identifier VOL XIII Box Number XIII Series 18
Primates notebook, c 1859-64, 293 folios


1 Miscellaneous. Detailed notes on the muscles of the feet of Ateles, Hapale
and Lemur
27 'Muscles of lower extremity of Nyctipithecus'
66 'Mycetes . . . Oct. 1863. Muscles of the upper and lower extremity'. See also F 127
et seq
81 Anthropoid Apes and Man
82 'Cranial character of Gorilla, Chimp [sic] and Orang . . . Plan of Memoir'. Detailed notes
on skeletal structure, etc
123 Chimpanzee. Muscles of the upper and lower extremity
139 Notes on Orang, May - June 1864
155 Notes on specimen of young Orang at the College of Surgeons
166 Lecture VIII on 'Variations in human structure'. Comparison of Esquimaux, Negroes,
etc [Structure and classification of the Mammalia, Royal College of Surgeons, 18
February 1864]. See volumes 88 and 58, folio 58 below and also Medical Times
and Gazette
, 6 February - 6 August 1864, for the printed lectures
170 Lecture IX, 'On the Zoological anatomy of Man'
177 Further notes on Orang, May 1864
179 Skull of Man, Gorilla and Chimpanzee. Lecture notes, etc
283 Medical Times and Gazette, 18 February 1860. George ROLLESTON. 'On
the cerebellum . . . '. Printed extracts
288- 'From Christ Church Catalogue, Oct. 1859'. Notes by George ROLLESTON on the
293 development of the brain; observations on a specimen of the brain of a Kangaroo, etc
[F 289, notes on Retzius, appears to have been interpolated in the wrong sequence]

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL XIV
Date range c. 1859 - c. 1864
Formats Notebooks
Inventory Identifier VOL XIV Box Number XIV Series 18
Notes and correspondence notebook. Anthropology, vol 1, c 1864-1872, 160 folios


1 Letter from Alexander STEWART, 3 May 1866, 1 Surgeon Square, Edinburgh.
Describes casts of four skulls which he has sent to Huxley
2 Copy. Letter to Earl of Kimberley from Sir Henry BARKLEY, 30 December 1871,
Government House, Cape Town. Encloses copies of photographs of convict
Bushmen. See Huxley Papers 30, 77
4 Copy. Letter to the Colonial Secretary [Lord Kimberley] from Dr W H I BLEEK
[Custodian of the Grey Library], 25 September 1871, Cape Town. Observations on the
photographs of the Bushmen which he has arranged to have taken
7 Enclosure: details of the natives photographed
8 Notes on the photographs by Huxley
10 Miscellaneous ethnological notes: Negritoes, etc
106 Letter from John CLEGHORN, 15 December 1864, Wick [Scotland]. His views on the
interpretation of the human remains found at Kiess, which he believes to be post-
113 Copy. Letter to Earl Granville [Colonial Secretary] from Viscount CANTERBURY,
Government Offices, Melbourne [Australia], 20 May 1870. Covering letter for
memoranda about the difficulties of obtaining photographs of natives for Huxley
115 Copy. Memorandum by Sir James MCCULLOCH enclosing letters from Professor
McCOY and Brough SMYTH
116 Copy. Letter to the Chief Secretary from Professor McCOY, 16 April 1870, Melbourne.
Expense and difficulties of obtaining photographs of pure bred natives
117 Copy. Letter from Robert Brough SMYTH to the Chief Secretary, 17 May 1870, Office
of the Central Board for Aborigines, Melbourne. Difficulties of photographing naked
natives - will only photograph willing subjects; his own forthcoming book on aborigines;
119 Letter from Sir Frederick ROGERS [Colonial Office], dictated 16 May 1870, Downing
Street [London]. Covering letter for a copy of a despatch from the Governor of
120 Copy. Letter to Earl Granville from Sir Frederick Edward CHAPMAN, 17 March 1870.
Sends set of photographs illustrating coloured races in the colony; difficulties in
procuring these photographs
122 'List of photographs for Ethnological purposes taken at Bermuda, 10 April 1870'
123 Letter from William A PYE, 28 September 1870, Church Road, Wimbledon [London].
Sends set of photographs of aborigines in Formosa
124 Letter from Robert Henry MEADE [Colonial Office], 27 June 1871, Downing Street
[London]. Dictated. Sends copy of despatch from the Governor of the Falkland
Islands; the last of Tasmanian aborigines, etc
126- Memorandum by Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel BLEEK. 'Notes to accompany the
139 Photographs [of South African natives]
140-151 Twelve charts of the ancestry of the subjects of the photographs
152 Letter from Robert Wyndham HERBERT [Colonial Office], 9 February 1871, Downing
Street. Sends more photographs; account of the collection of photographs in various
colonies; reports of different Governors, of Falkland Islands, Barbados, etc
155 Copy. Letter to the Colonial Secretary from Captain A B FYERS, 19 February 1872,
Surveyor General's Office, Colombo. Sends photographs, inlcuding those of a
Kandian chief, now a convict
156 Copies. Descriptions by J D M Coghill of the subjects of the photograpsh
158 Letter from Sir Frederick ROGERS [Colonial Office], 7 June 1870, Downing Street.
Dictated. Sends copy of a dispatch from British Columbia about inability to obtain the
photographs required
159 Copy. Letter to Earl Granville from Sir Anthony MUSGRAVE, 22 April 1870,
Government House, British Columbia [Canada]. Indians will not consent to be
photographed in the nude

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL XV
Date range c. 1864 - c. 1872
Formats General Correspondence, Memoranda and Notebooks
Inventory Identifier VOL XV Box Number XV Series 18
Notes and correspondence notebook. Anthropology, vol 2, c 1865-1875, 198 folios


1 Notes on ethnology of Australasia: New Caledonians, etc
21 Letter from [signature illegible], Collector of Customs, 24 August 1872, Malta. Will
make another attempt to obtain photographs of natives, who have refused to be
photographed nude
23 Two tables with descriptions of Bushmen and other natives [written up by Dr BLEEK]
25 Diagrams of ancient British skulls
27 Map of part of the south west province of Sierra Leone
28 Table of cranial measurements of Scottish remains in cists, by [William TURNER]
29 Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Vol V. Notes on the
characters of the cranium found in a short cist near Dunse, July 1863, by William
TURNER. Printed. Annotated by William Turner
32 Letter from William TURNER, 16 November 1875, 25 Royal Crescent, Edinburgh.
Covering letter for the copy of the above paper; difficulties of dating cists; scarcity of
grave furniture, etc
37 Further letter from the same, 5 November 1865. Offers to send measurements of a
female skull from the Kiess district
40 Three pencil drawings of a female skull from Kiess, by [William TURNER. See folio 60,
41 Notes on measurements, calculations, etc
50 Letter from Edward Percival WRIGHT, 10 Clare Street, Dublin. 'What is or what is not
an Irish skull always bothers me'; sends a paper on Irish crania
59-83 Cranial sections: including some prints and blank measurement tables
60 Note by William TURNER, 'Female skull from Kiess. Reduced about 1/3, sketched
with camera lucida'. See folio 40
84 Copy. Letter to Earl Granville from Sir Richard AIREY, 5 May 1870, Gibraltar. The
mixed races in Gibraltar are without ethnological interest for the proposed collection of
photographs, according to the Principal Medical Officer, however he will be glad to be
of help
85 Copy. Letter to the Colonial Secretary from Dr BENT, 29 April 1870, PMO's Office,
Gibraltar, expressing the views mentioned above
86 Copy. Letter to Earl Granville from Sir James FERGUSSON, 30 March 1870,
Government House, Adelaide [Australia]. Sends photographs of aborigines
88 'Professor Huxley on the Negro Question', compiled by Mrs P A TAYLOR. Tract No
10, printed and published for the Ladies' London Emancipation Society, by Emily
Faithfull, 1864. 14 pages. Comments on Huxley's lectures at the Royal College of
Surgeons on the 'Structure and classification of the Mammalia', with especial reference
to Lecture VIII
110 Letter from C G GREEN, 7 May 1867, 12 Upper Berkeley Street, Portman Square
[London]. Discussion of the natural shape of the human foot; its natural flexibility;
cites examples of Indian servants, etc
118 Letter from Sir Frederick ROGERS [Colonial Office], 27 May 1870, Downing Street
[London]. Dictated. Sends copies of despatches from Australia and Gibraltar
119-141 Notebook. 'Ethnology', 22.5 cm, dated May 1865
142 Gilchrist Educational Fund. Lectures to Working Men on Ethnology, by Professor
Huxley, beginning 8 January 1867. Printed notice
143 Letter from C d'Oyly H APLIN, 16 December 1864, Melbourne [Australia], Geological
Survey Office. Details of the aboriginal skulls he has sent to Huxley
145 Letter from Gerard KREFFT, 24 September 1866, Australian Museum, Sydney.
Information about skulls in the Museum
146 Table of cranial measurements enclosed with the above
147 Lecture notes
168 Letter from William HOUGHTON, 28 February 1868, Preston Rectory, Wallington,
Shropshire. Comments on the Perch controversy; sends photographs of hairy Burmese
171 Royal Institution. Syllabus of course of lectures by Huxley, 3 May to 9 June 1866.
172 Letter from [signature illegible], Managing Partner, London Stereoscopic and
Photographic Company, 11 March 1871, 54 Cheapside [London]. Encloses a set of
'extraordinary photographs' of specimens brought over by Sergeant Catherall.
See B 94
175 Notes on an Australian male pelvis by William TURNER
180 Copy. Letter to the Earl of Kimberley from G D'ARCY, 24 December 1870,
Government House, Stanley, Falkland Islands. Sends photographs of natives of
Tierra del Fuego, which have not been taken in the nude
181 Letter from William Branwhite CLARKE, 6 May 1864, St Leonard's, New South Wales
[Australia]. Sends photographs of a skull found near Bondi beach; gives details of an
excavation; news of old friends; asks Huxley to identify the possible bones of a
186 Letter from Dr BLEEK, 18 February 1871, Grey library, Cape Town [South Africa].
Asks if his papers, communicated to the British Association, may be returned to him if
they have not been printed; is studying Bushman language, and encloses a
photograph of his tutor; will try and procure for Huxley the photographs asked for in his
circular letter
188 Letter from Edwin BROWN, 10 April 1865, Burton on Trent [Staffordshire]. Sends
photograph of a human skull found near Sudbury Hill; gives details of its size, etc
190 From the same, 24 April 1865. Is sending a skull by his son, Horace Brown, a student
at the Royal College of Chemistry; asks Huxley if he can assist his son to attend a
meeting of the Geological and Ethnological Societies
192 From the same, 1 May 1865. Thanks for Huxley's help to his son - the invigorating
effects of Derbyshire air
194 From the same, 8 August 1865. Needs a sketch of the skull for illustration to the
Transactions of a local society
196 Three official forms from the COLONIAL OFFICE, July 1871 to May 1872, announcing
the despatch of photographs from Sierra Leone, etc

See Boxes G and H, ANTHROPOLOGICAL PHOTOGRAPHS, for the photographs referred to in the above correspondence

Creator Huxley, Thomas Henry
Control VOL XVI
Date range c. 1865 - c. 1875
Formats General Correspondence, Notebooks and Drawings
Inventory Identifier VOL XVI Box Number XVI Series 18

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