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Brexit related updates

Updated Euratom Exit Guidance

The Government has continued to prepare for our departure from the EU and Euratom. Although the Government’s preference is to leave with a deal, if it is not possible to reach a deal with the EU, then we will be leaving with no deal on 31 October. To support the civil nuclear sector to make preparations for such a scenario, we have updated the guidance issued in March on sector-specific issues, to provide the latest information on what businesses need to do to prepare. The updated guidance does not materially change the actions required, but is simply intended to make actions for businesses easier to identify. Links to this information can be found below.  

New Open General Export Licence

A new open general export licence (OGEL) allowing the export of dual-use items (with both a civilian and military application) from the UK to EU member states and the Channel Islands has been issued.

This licence will come into force if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. You don’t need a licence to export dual-use items to EU member states or the Channel Islands before this date.

If you wish to benefit from this licence you will need to register through SPIRE, the Export Control Joint Unit’s (ECJU’s) electronic licensing system, stating where you will keep records of the exports or transfers and where the ECJU may inspect them.

COVID-19 related updates

April 2020 update

The Department for International Trade (DIT) have put in place business continuity measures to enable licensing to continue. This includes technical assessments, end-use checks and reviewing applications against licensing criteria. Communications can still be made to, and received from, the SPIRE licensing system, including requests for any further information on individual cases.  DIT have further confirmed there are no export licence compliance issues with staff accessing UK export control regulated data from their home location, using College provided laptops or those secured on the network (VPN etc).

May 2020 Update

Register now for: Technology and Strategic Export Controls – Do I need an export licence?

Department for International Trade (DIT) have a webinar on 12 May 2020 at 10am for exporters of military or dual use "technology", as defined by strategic export controls. The webinar will provide guidance on the UK's licensing requirements, including exports of "technology" by intangible (electronic) means.

Please note: this event will assume that participants already possess a basic knowledge of export controls.

The webinar will cover:

  • how do we define "technology" for export control purposes?
  • what goods or software are included in the term "technology"?
  • what "technology" exports do we licence?
  • what about storing "technology" overseas?
  • do you need a licence for all "technology" exports?
  • what types of licences are available?
  • how does "technology" affect Compliance?

Register for: Technology and Strategic Export Controls – Do I need an export licence?

Adrian Bond and Claire Harrison from the Business Awareness team of the Export Control Joint Unit will lead the webinar and answer questions.

If you have any questions for the panel to consider on the day, please email them to