Gender Equality and International Development Research

UKRI now require applicants to complete a Gender Equality Statement for all applications to GCRF or Newton Fund calls, see the Planning a GCRF Project section of our Toolkit

When applying for and planning research projects based overseas (such as GCRF grants or global health initiatives), PIs and research teams should check the award terms and conditions carefully as these may differ slightly between funders. Many of Imperial's main funders require lead institutions to carry out appropriate due diligence checks on all third parties who undertake activities funded by a research grant or contract. Researchers working overseas should also be mindful of the College's Safeguarding for Research Projects guidance and duty of care responsibilities to research participants and local communities.

The College's Research Third Parties: Relationship Review Questionnaire has been designed to help PIs to consider a broad spectrum of financial, reputational, ethical, safeguarding and geo-political risks associated with working with third parties (UK and overseas). More information is available on the Due Diligence webpage. 

Click on one of the categories below for a series of Frequently Asked Questions designed to aid PIs and research administrators to effectively plan and manage their overseas project:

As projects will take place in developing countries, when planning proposals and selecting partners, PIs should also give due consideration to the following: