Funding is available to support impact relevant activities which capitalise on the knowledge generated during your EPSRC funded research and training grants. The resource can be used for a broad set of activities that deliver or promote the benefits of research and PhD training to a full range of end users across industry, the public sector, the third sector and the wider public.

EPSRC has recently awarded the College additional funding for IAA projects to run until 30 June 2022, applications for this additional funding will be assessed in December 2021.

Additional Funding Opportuntiy

The College has been awarded and additional £450,00 of IAA funding to run until 30 June 2022. Funding is available for researchers to consolidate the potential of the research outputs to create impact and advance the research away from an academic setting. Projects should be up to six months in duration starting from 1 January 2022 and ending by 30 June 2022.

EPSRC IAA Additional Funding Guidance (pdf)

Additional Funding Highlights

F‌or this additional funding stream, EPSRC have als identified the following areas as particular priorities for this additional funding:

  1. Working with and through the Alan Turing Institute, the Rosalind Franklin Institute, the Henry Royce Institute and their network of user partnerships.
  2. Support for activities which encourage business co-investment and enhance business/academic partnerships.
  3. Impact activities which contribute to regional/place agendas.
  4. Public Engagement where interaction is key to informing the research impact such as user or patient engagement as a critical pathway to achieving societal and/or economic impact.

Activities must be completed by 30 June 2022. Proposed activities should relate to research projects or studentships previously funded by EPSRC. Supported activities must be relevant to the EPSRC remit and it will be expected that those requesting funding will have had EPSRC funding in the past.

All applicants should complete an EPSRC IAA Cover Sheet (doc) which must be included in their application. View the EPSRC IAA Cover Sheet (doc).

The schedule of deadlines are currently as follows:

EPSRC IAA Deadline Schedule
MonthClosing Date
December (additional funding round) 1 December 2021