If you are aware of an institutional limit on an external bid that is not listed below, please contact researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk

Open External Calls

EPSRC Strategic Equipment process

Deadline : 12:00 (noon) Tuesday 31 March 2020  (for Round 2)

For further detail please contact  Dr Suzanne Husein 

The EPSRC Strategic Equipment process is now open. EPSRC strongly encourages a strategic approach to the submission of business cases and therefore the College has agreed the following internal selection process, in an effort to manage the timing of bids for maximal success and to provide an opportunity for Professor Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise), to offer institutional approval to bids and agree to be named as a co-I, which EPSRC requires him to be.

Those interested in applying are invited to submit the following to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by noon Tuesday 31 March 2020 (for Round 2)

  • Business Case (max. 2 pages) outlining the strategic need for the equipment and including information on the Item, Vendor, Description of equipment and its primary functions, Cost, Usage, Support, Strategic Case, Ensuring Maximum Value, Contribution from Other Sources, and Alternative options in the case that the proposal for equipment is not supported (within the 2 pages).
  • Applicants are expected to have engaged with EPSRC prior to developing an outline to confirm the suitability of their bid.  Contact details for EPSRC representatives can be found here (see bottom of page).When submitting the outline for internal College review, applicants must include the following in their covering email: (1) confirmation that they have engaged with EPSRC and (2) a summary of any feedback, guidance or approvals from EPSRC.

Please note that Imperial will not be submitting to Research England`s Expanding Excellence in England (E3) Funding call.

AXA Chair

There are two opportunities per year to put someone forward for an AXA Chair position. Imperial is only permitted to submit one candidate per year, and the process is managed centrally. Departments interested in using the scheme to attract an individual to the College should initially approach researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk stating the individual that they wish to attract and the strategic benefit to the College of pursuing an application. If the Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) is convinced of the strategic need, and the College has not met its application limit, the department will be informed of the next steps to continue the process.

NERC Standard Grant rounds (July and January closing dates)

In 2015, NERC introduced a Demand Management quota system, whereby institutions whose 6-round success rate for Standard Grants (response mode, including New Investigator grants) fell below 20% received a cap on the number of proposals they could submit for that financial year's rounds. Imperial is currently subject to this demand management quota, and will be affected by an institutional cap of 7 submissions for each of the July 2019 and January 2020 rounds. To manage the cap and increase the quality of proposals being submitted to avoid future restriction, an internal review group has been established to aid in the support (and selection where required) of bids. 

For further details of how to submit your proposal to the internal NERC Proposals Review Group and the key dates for the next upcoming round under Demand Management measures, please visit our dedicated NERC Standard Grant Demand Management page.

Ongoing calls

Selected and ongoing bids

Academy of Medical Sciences Springboard Scheme

The Academy of Medical Sciences sent Imperial an advanced notice of the timings for this year’s Springboard Scheme. The College was only permitted to submit three applications to the scheme; therefore, an internal process is in operation to select the three candidates.

The scheme offers a bespoke package of support to biomedical researchers at the start of their first independent post to help launch their research careers. The grant includes funding of up to £100,000 over two years and access to the Academy’s mentoring and career development programme.

The Academy defines eligible candidates to the scheme as must:

  • Hold an established academic research position at your institution;
  • Be in your first independent (salaried) position (i.e. group leader level), and be within 3 years (FTE) of appointment to this position;
  • Have sufficient time remaining in your current post to complete the proposed Springboard project.

They also state that candidates must not:

  • Hold a clinical contract;
  • Be in receipt of substantial research funding as the Principal or Co-Investigator exceeding £75,000 per annum (excluding personal salary).

To apply the College’s internal process, candidates had to complete the AMS Springboard From 2019‌ and return it to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by 5pm 1 April 2019.

Please note that the Academy’s scheme is not formally open, however, we had advance notice that the submission deadline to the Academy is 15 May 2019. Therefore, the timing and College process is such that the internal competition needed to run in March, April.

If you have any queries regarding the scheme, please contact either the College’s Springboard Champion, Professor Azra Ghani, or Dr Mark Bambury.

Turing Artificial Intelligence Fellows

The Alan Turing Institute, in partnership with the Office for AI and UKRI, launched the first call for Turing Senior AI Fellowships and Turing AI Fellowships. The initiative coverd a broad view of AI, including applications of foundational disciplines across mathematical sciences, statistical sciences, computational sciences and engineering.  For more information, including the person specifications, eligibility criteria and allowed costs, refer to the Call Document and the FAQs and Guidance Document.    

Due to the Institutional limited of a maximum of 3 outline applications, an internal selection process was put in place. Interested applicants submitted outline application material to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by the 8 March 2019.

Leverhulme Trust Research Leadership Awards

The Leverhulme Trust announced the launch of their 2019 Research Leadership Awards scheme. This scheme runs approximately every three years and provides up to £1M for talented academics who have launched a university career but who need to build a team to address a distinct research problem. Each award runs for 4 or 5 years in duration and provides for staff salaries and associated costs. The College is permitted to submit only one bid to this competition. In order to determine the application to go forward from the College, the College ran an internal process to select the application to go forward to Leverhulme. Departments were permitted to submit one application to this process. The College bid was then selected by the Cross College Research Proposals Review Group (CCRPRG). Departmental submissions deadline was Monday 11 March 2019.

NIHR Research Professorships

The National Institute for Health Research released a call for Research Professorships.  The award aims to fund research leaders of the future to promote effective translation of research.  For more, including the eligibility criteria and the support offered, see here.  This is a restricted call, the College was limited to submitting 2 bids for the NIHR Research Professorships, plus an additional nomination for a Global Health Research Professorship. Departments were invited to submit a maximum of 2 candidates for consideration for an NIHR Research Professorships by Monday 22 October.  An additional 3rd candidate may be put forwards, if they were applying to the Global Health Research Professorship stream.

For further detail please contact Dr Kimberly Trim or Dr Suzanne Husein 

Schmidt Science Fellows In partnership with the Rhodes Trust

Imperial College London was selected to nominate 5 outstanding young scientists for the Schmidt Science Fellows program.  This is a post-doctoral fellowship “intending to transcend the traditional confinements of science, enabling interdisciplinary thinking to tackle pivotal challenges and create a long lasting positive societal impact”.

An internal process was put in place to nominate these five, who will submit their applications to the funder by end of October 2018, with decisions announced in Spring 2019. Applications were open to all Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and Computing PhD fellows internal submissions had to be made by the relevant Head of Department by 7 August 2018.  After review, 5 candidates have been chosen to proceed with their application to the Schmidt Science Fellows programme.

Any queries should be directed to Dr Mark Bambury

EPSRC Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Targeted Therapeutic Delivery Technologies

EPSRC launched a call for Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) in Targeted Therapeutic Delivery Technologies. Funding is available to support large-scale, interdisciplinary research collaboration to address research challenges in targeted therapeutic delivery technologies (within Healthcare) through a critical mass approach.  

The Deadline for full proposals was the 13 March 2018, The Full Proposal Peer Review took place in April – June 2018, with the Full Proposals Expert Interview Panel held in Mid July 2018.

 Any queries should be directed to Dr Suzanne Husein

Wellcome Trust Multi-user Equipment scheme and Biomedical Resource and Technology Development scheme

Professor Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise), offered to provide letters of institutional support for applications to this call, this process was overseen by the Research Office.  Deadline for submission to the Wellcome Trust was Friday 6 April 2018.  Decisions are expected in July 2018.

 Any queries should be directed to Dr Mark Bambury

World Cancer Research Fund International – Regular Grant Programme 2018/2019

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International Regular Grant Programme call has closed. The Regular Grant Programme funds research on the effects of diet, nutrition (including body composition) and physical activity on cancer. For more, see here.   The deadline for submission of outline applications to WCRF was 5pm Thursday 4 October 2018.  A maximum of five applications will be accepted from one institution in any one grant cycle.