Award set-up

On receipt of an award letter Faculty Research Services teams will review the terms and conditions and assess the implications for Imperial College and the Faculties. If the terms and conditions are unacceptable, where possible they will be re-negotiated to fall in line with College's preferred terms of trade with the funder before the Faculty Research Services teams formally accept the award or sign the contract on behalf of Imperial College and the Faculties.

Before Faculty Research Services teams set up the award they must be informed that all the appropriate healthcare governance and ethics approvals have been put in place. The additional steps associated with developing healthcare projects and clinical trials are:

  • Registering with the Joint Research Office Regulatory Compliance Office to ensure the College meets its obligations as the employing organisation
  • Being assessed for insurance cover
  • Having appropriate insurance for research participants (certain exclusions in College policies mean that College insurance cannot be assumed and may prove particularly complex for multi-centre overseas studies)

Additional approvals associated with healthcare research

When a grant award has been received and accepted by a Faculty Research Services team or a contract has been signed by Imperial and the funder, the award details will be set-up in the Oracle Grants module and assigned a funder group. Entering the correct funder group is important because it directly affects the proportion of QR funding received by the College - please see Funder Groups Guidance [pdf] for further information. 

The Faculty Research Services team will send the Principal Investigator (PI) and the Departmental Administrator (DA) a package that includes the following:

  • Award letter/funder’s terms and conditions or contract
  • Budget breakdown sheet
  • Award allocation letter
  • Project Number
  • Award Number
  • Any specific requirements/obligations

Once the set-up process has been completed, the award and project numbers will be activated in the general ledger and the PI can spend against the project number.

Definition of project and award numbers in Oracle Grants

Research projects are administered using the Oracle Grants module. The account code structure is called POETA:

  • Project number (P)
  • Cost centre (O)
  • Analysis code (E)
  • Task (T)
  • Award number (A)

Expenditure is charged against a project number which either starts with P or PS. A subproject is prefixed with PS and is used when several departments and academics are involved or if expenditure against specific activities is to be reported. Project numbers and subprojects are linked to an award number. Several project numbers can be linked to one award.

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 Award numberProject number
 Coding Structure  


P12345 is the proposal number created in InfoEd.

ABCDE is the Cost Centre code (e.g.WMNI for Department of Medicine, Division of Immunology) and is allocated by the Faculty Research Services team.


P12345_ABCDE (main project number)

PS0123_ABCDE (subproject)


Faculty Research Services teams raise invoices to the funder against the award number.

Total expenditure for all projects and subprojects is summarised at award level to provide an overview


Expenditure is charged against project numbers and subprojects.

The number of subprojects depends on how many academics and departments are involved and whether each academic/department requires a separate budget.

Summary of the table's contents

Award budget

The budget will be set up by the Faculty Research Services teams against the allocated project number in Oracle Grants and according to the award letter received from the funder. Depending on the individual award, the budget values will be allocated against directly incurred, directly allocated and indirect cost codes.

Foreign currency projects

College Treasury have released policy which provides guidance for staff Applying for Research Funding in a Foreign Currency [pdf] from any funder where exchange risk is the responsibility of the College.  Further information is on the Exchange Rates page.