Current training delivery
CourseCourse details
 Introduction to College Finance  Available to new users of ICIS who need to use its enquiry function.
 Finance for non-finance managers E-Learning course  Available to managers who need to understand and manage College financial/budgeting aspects as part of their role.
 Oracle Grants Enquiries  Guidance materials are available online for enquiring research award balances and transactional data (College Login required).
 Introduction to Purchasing  Available to users who need to process purchase orders through iProcurement.
 Introduction to Purchasing Encumbrances  Available to users of iProcurement who require the functionality to: cancel a whole order or a line on an order; amend orders; close and finally close orders to clear out encumbrances.
 Online Journals  Available to new users who need to be able to enter journals to transfer money between departmental accounts, research projects or both.
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