Where can I find non-P code data?

The Research Office does not hold any Finance (non-P code), HR, IP or Registry data. Your local Finance teams would be able to help with F, G or N code queries.

How do I get access to the Operational Dashboards?

Firstly, you must be responsible for a section or group and you need approval from yourDepartmental / Divisional Manager. After you have gained approval, please contact the Research Office to arrange your access with ICT.

How do I get access to the Strategic Dashboards?

To be eligible you should belong to one of these business areas:

  • Senior College Management
  • Faculty Management
  • Faculty Finance
  • Research Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Heads of Department
  • Department Heads of Research
  • Department Operations Managers
  • Research Operations Managers
  • Central Finance
  • Corporate Partnerships

If not you may still be allowed access providing the Research Office and all Faculties approve. Please contact the Research Office, who will arrange for any approvals necessary, or arrange setup with ICT.

Why can't I see the top bar of dashboard links and tabs anymore in BIEE?

If you are using Internet Explorer your cache may be full. Please press F12 and then Ctrl + R to clear your cache and reload the page. See ICT FAQ for more info.

I've recently changed my College password and now I can't login to Oracle BIEE - why is this?

If you have used special characters in your password (£$% etc.), these are not valid in the current version of Oracle BIEE. The only solution is to change your password again and exclude any special characters.

InfoEd: Where can I find information summarising proposal numbers or values?

If you have access to OBIEE, then the Proposal List report is the easiest way to report on submissions. This is found on the Other Reports tab. Alternatively, in Discoverer Viewer for InfoEd there is the Proposals by Status v2 report, which can provide exports of InfoEd data.

For any research management information queries please email ro.managementinfo@imperial.ac.uk