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For any Discoverer guidance, please contact ICT Service Desk.

More information and training for report creation is available through the ICT Reporting Tools page.

Oracle Discoverer is a legacy reporting tool for running existing standard reports, or creating customised reports.

Discoverer Viewer is used to run saved reports. There are reports available for both InfoEd and ICIS Grants.

Note if access is available, the Operational Dashboards in Oracle BIEE are a preferred source of information.

Discoverer Plus is for report creation or modification. This can only be done for ICIS Grants data.


ICIS Grants access is a pre-requisite for ICIS Discoverer Viewer reporting. This can be requested via the ICIS Authorisation pages.

InfoEd access is a pre-requisite for InfoEd Discoverer Viewer reporting. Please contact InfoEd Admin if you have a query about your access.

To be considered for access to Discoverer Plus, you must raise an ICT ASK log.

For any research management information queries please email ro.managementinfo@imperial.ac.uk