Project Management

Supporting academic-driven commercial projects across Imperial

Company overview

Project diagramImperial College Projects Limited enables delivery of academic-driven commercial projects on behalf of Imperial College London.   Such projects may involve a range of activities including but not limited to technical and knowledge-based services.  Imperial College Projects is able to support academic teams at Imperial to participate in these commercial projects that are funded by a range of clients, including government agencies, companies and non-profit organisations.  The company is particularly active on supporting international initiatives for Imperial.  The Project Model for Imperial College Projects is depicted on the left.  This highlights the four key components to the company’s projects, which are as follows:

  • Designed to leverage Imperial’s world-class academic capabilities.
  • Delivered to meet the technical need of commercial clients.
  • Enabled through joint working between Imperial College Projects and academics from the College (drawing on a multidisciplinary focus).
  • Managed according to a structured and process-driven project management approach.

The Programme Management Office (PMO) team within Imperial’s Enterprise Division provides the project management services for Imperial College Projects.  This includes business planning and proposal development, liaison with academic teams and partners, drafting contractual agreements and negotiation with clients, financial administration and managing project delivery. 

Types of projects

Typical projects delivered through Imperial College Projects include but are not limited to the following types:

  1. Technical services for commercial partners that require project management as part of knowledge based work to support science, technology and clinical initiatives.
  2. Membership programmes where Imperial is able to provide commercial clients with technical assistance and knowledge-based services that leverage Imperial’s advanced research capabilities.
  3. High-volume testing services that involve academic facilities and know-how applied to meet the various testing needs of commercial clients on a long-term basis. 
  4. Branding and co-branding of initiatives that utilise Imperial’s brand and help advance the strategic agenda of the commercial partner and Imperial.