Please note CRUK is adopting an immediate open access policy effective from 1 January 2022. For articles accepted for final publication on or after 1 January 2022 CRUK require that your paper is made openly available in Europe PMC immediately on publication. (i.e. a 6-month embargo will not be permitted). 

However, unlike other funders (UKRI, Wellcome), CRUK will continue to provide funding for open access costs in subscription journals with a Gold open access option (known as hybrid journals). CRUK-funded authors can continue to publish articles in hybrid journals that are outside of  Publishers with fully covered APCs ICL(xls download).   


From 1 January 2022 as a CRUK-funded researcher, if you have an original primary article accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, you must ensure that:

  1. For articles accepted for final publication on or after 1 January 2022 we require that an electronic copy of the final, published form of your paper (either the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) or Version of Record (VoR) our paper is made openly available in Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC) immediately on publication. (i.e. a 6-month embargo will not be permitted as previous policy).
  2. If you've paid an article processing charge (APC) for the Europe PMC deposit, your paper must be published with a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY 4.0), so that it may be freely copied and reused (for example, for text- and data-mining purposes), providing that the original authors are properly credited. Other licences will not be compliant with your Grant Conditions.
  3. Cancer Research UK will only fund APCs where the publisher is compliant with our policy. If you would like to check that the publisher of your chosen journal is compliant, search the SHERPA/FACT database. Select the name of the relevant journal and Cancer Research UK as your funder – as long as the results show at least one ‘tick’, the journal is compliant by that route.

All CRUK-funded researchers are strongly encouraged to:

  • post preprints of their work en route to publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • publish them under a CC BY licence on a platform that is indexed under preprints in Europe PMC.

We believe that the peer review process adds significant value to research articles. Researchers must make sure that the article, after peer review, complies with our Policy as outlined here.

Download the complete Policy on Open Access