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After your study has been given ethics approval, there are a number of responsibilities that you will need to maintain:

Submitting an amendment

This form should be used if you want to change; study design, study team or request a time extension. Once completed, this form should be submitted to the Ethics and Research Governance Coordinator.

Your ethical approval is based on the ethics form and supporting documents you originally submitted. If a change is made to your original ethics submission and you do not notify the RGI team, then your ethics approval may become invalid.

Annual progress report

This form must be submitted to the  Ethics and Research Governance Coordinator within 30 days of the anniversary of a project being granted ethics approval. If a study is completed within a year of first obtaining ethical approval, an End of Study Notification must be submitted instead.

This is a condition of receiving ethics approval. If you do not submit an Annual Progress Report, your study will be assumed to be closed, and ethics approval will be stopped.

End of study notification

You must notify the RGI team when your study has ended; within 90 days of the termination of your study or when the practical research activity ended. The notification must be supported by an end of study summary report.

You must also notify the committee within 15 days if you have terminated the study early. Once completed, this form should be submitted to the Ethics and Research Governance Coordinator.