Committee meet six times throughout the year to discuss College ethics applications. 

The Committees' remit is any College study that will not utilise NHS premises, facilities or NHS patients or human tissue as defined under the Human Tissue Act (2004).  Projects involving human tissue as defined by the Human Tissue Act (2004) fall outside the remit of ICREC. All research involving tissue must go through the HRA Research Ethics Service to be considered by one of their Research Ethics Committees.

All Imperial research involving tissue must be reviewed by the Imperial Tissue Bank.

 Committee members
 Sir Michael Dixon Chair (Lay Member)
 Professor Andrew Parry  Deputy Chair, College Consul (non clinical) Imperial College London
 Professor Myra McClure Senior College Consul (non clinical) Imperial College London
 Professor Jeff Kramer Professor of Distributed Computing, Imperial College London
 Dr Anne ter Wal Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation Management, Imperial College
 Mr Chris Brierley (Lay Member)
 Ms Biddy Passmore (Lay Member)
 Mr Fraser Wilson  (Lay Member)
 Dr Christopher Mason Student Representative
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