Imperial College Robotics Society (ICRS) is a student-led university club aiming to increase robotics interest at Imperial College London and across the UK.

They run workshops, competitions and lectures to teach about robotics, electronics and software as well as providing help (financial and technical) to students looking to start a robotics project. They also run several robotics beginners courses and recently won the highly prestigious John Lever Memorial Award for our outstanding courses and robotics talks. The club was founded in November 2009, and since then has entered a few student teams into the Eurobot competition, built 2 RepRap 3D printers and created a quadracopter with a fully 3D-printed chassis. ICRS is always looking for new members that want to learn about robotics or create cool projects.




The Imperial College IC Drone Society is a student run initiative based in Imperial College, London, that aims to build London's leading hotspot for drone enthusiasts.

The society runs regular seminar, courses and competitions for both students and the public. The club was founded in February 2017 and has been very popular with many workshops filling up in minutes!  Visit the Facebook page and website for upcoming activites, and for information on how you can get involved.




Robogals London is a student-run organisation at Imperial College that aims to engage school girls in engineering topics from a young age, with the long-term goal of increasing female enrolment in engineering, science and technology courses at universities. Their primary activity is having primary and secondary school girls visit Imperial College where university student volunteers conduct fun, educational LEGO robotics workshops. The university students are provided with necessary training to teach LEGO robotics, and an important goal of the organisation is not only to have a positive impact on the schools, but also to provide a rewarding experience for the dedicated students who volunteer their time and skills to the organisation. Membership is open to students from any faculty (not just engineering) and both girls and guys are welcome. No prior experience in programming or robotics is required.

For more information and updates about Robogals London, please visit their website.