Yunfei Dang

MRes student - joint with Prof. Milo Shaffer

Yunfei Dang I am Chinese, and I studied Applied Chemistry at the China University of Geosciences. I am currently an MRes student in collaboration with Prof. Shaffer's group, working on customising cross-linked carbon nanotube as FE-EPR electrodes to investigate radicals and enzymes. Cooking and calligraphy are my leisure-time hobbies

Molly Parry

MRes student - joint with Prof. George Britovsek 

Molly Parry - Master studentI grew up in Somerset and completed my MChem at the University of Edinburgh. I spent my final year abroad at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore where I worked on photocatalytic C-C cleavage in epoxides. My current project involves studying oxidative photocatalytic degradation of polymers and using EPR to identify the radicals present in this process. In my free time I love reading, baking bread and sewing.

Olivier Newman

MRes Student - joint with Dr. Andy Ashley

Olivier Newman - Master studentI have British/Irish parents but grew up in Belgium. I completed a bachelor's in chemistry at the university of Glasgow in 2020 carrying out projects in electrochemistry. I am currently undertaking a Master of research in green chemistry, and as part of this I am doing a joint project between the Ashley and Roessler groups making use of EPR to determine the nature of my tin radicals. In my own time I enjoy all things football and reading history/current affairs. 

Natalie (Hoi Chi) Hau

MRes Student - joint with Dr. James Wilton-Ely

Natalie HauI was born and raised in Macau and started studying in the UK since year 9 in Cambridgeshire. I did my BSc in Chemistry at UCL where I discovered that I am highly motivated in finding solutions for environmental issues and therefore decided to do a MRes in Green Chemistry at Imperial College London. 

My MRes project focuses on electrochemical detection of carbon monoxide which is co-supervised by Dr James Wilton-Ely. The key objective of this project is to synthesise and characterise a ruthenium complex which acts as a probe for the reaction with CO. This probe will then be attached onto a gold electrode surface for electrochemical and EPR spectroscopic measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of the system.