Gemma McGuire

3rd year Ph.D. student

Gemma McGuire : 2d year PhD student My name is Gemma and I study the cyanobacterial and plant membrane protein Photosynthetic complex I (Ps-CxI or NDH). This is protein couple’s electron transfer to proton pumping across the thylakoid membrane and is crucial for generating a proton motive force in respiration and cyclic photosynthesis. I have performed mutational work around the plastoquinone biding site (the terminal electron acceptor) in hope to provide insight into the mechanism of the coupling system which I shall probe with EPR and protein film electrochemistry (PFE).  In addition, performing in vivo experiments highlight the importance of this protein for growth under various stresses and could indicate how small structural changes have altered the physiological importance of this protein varies from its well characterized homologue, respiratory complex I (Rs-CxI).

Photosynthetic Complex I

Katherine Richardson

3rd year Ph.D. student (joint with Guy Hanke), LIDo Programme

Katherine Richardson : PhD studentPhotosynthetic complex I (PS-Cx1) is part of the electron transfer chain in chloroplasts and cyanobacteria, under stress conditions its function is important to promoting survival.  My research focuses on the redox chemistry of PS-Cx1, its interaction with electron donors and how these relate to activity in vivo; primarily using CW and pulsed EPR techniques.

Photosynthetic Complex I

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Adam Sills

2d year Ph.D. student

Adam Sills : Ph.D. student I’m now w asecond year PhD student originally from Norfolk and did my MChem degree at Oxford. There I worked on enzyme cascades nanoconfined in porous electrodes for my fourth-year project in the Fraser Armstrong group. For my current project I am attempting to carry out protein film electrochemistry on whole respiratory complex I. This will allow the properties of the Ubiquinone reduction to be studied electrochemically and is an important first step towards investigating complex I with the novel PFE-EPR technique developed by the group. In my spare time I like to play the piano and cook.

Spiros Koutsoukos

3rd year Ph.D. student (joint with Tom Welton)

Spiros Koutsoukos

Born and raised in Greece, I received my MEng in Chemical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens. There, I focused on implementing Green Chemistry for the formation of silver nanoparticles, as well as the extraction of bioactive compounds from natural materials. My PhD project is focused on the physical chemistry of Ionic Liquids. Combining experimental and spectroscopic techniques, I aim to elucidate the interactions inside of an Ionic Liquid and gain deeper understanding of the occurring microenvironment.


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Fang Fang

1st year Ph.D. Student

Fang FangI'm Fang Fang, from China, I graduated from Tsinghua University, majored in medicinal chemistry. While working towards master degree, my work was focused on the total synthesis of teixobactin and its analogue. In my PhD project, I will apply my knowledge in chemical synthesis and couple it to biochemistry, electroschemistry and EPR spectroscopy to gain insight into the mechanism of respiratory Complex I. In my spare time, I like running, yoga, and cooking.