Dr Maxie Roessler

Principal Investigator

Dr Maxie RoesslerI grew up in Germany (with a small detour via Italy), went to a French school in Berlin and did both my undergraduate and PhD degrees in the UK (Oxford). Subtracting a 1.5 year excursion to China (Beijing), I have been in the UK for over 10 years and now enjoy living in London. In my spare time I enjoy sports and music, and spending time with my family.

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Dr John Wright

BSc (hons) and MSc Biochemistry University of Manchester, PhD QMUL

Dr John WrightI was born and raised in Manchester, where I went on to study my undergraduate and master’s degrees in biochemistry at the University of Manchester. Not content to remain in the exotic climate of Manchester, I left the north and travelled south to London to study my PhD. I am investigating the mechanism of mitochondrial complex I using EPR spectroscopy, focusing on the reduction of uniquinone. Away from the lab, I enjoy playing and watching football, music and film.

Martina Cirulli

4rd year PhD student (in collaboration with Dr Steve Goldup)

Masters in Chemistry with honors, University of Rome (Tor Vergata)

Martina CirulliI was born in Italy and I went to school and university in Rome (University of Rome Tor Vergata). I just moved to London for my PhD - my first long-term experience abroad - and in my spare time I really enjoy swimming, walking outdoors and cooking. My PhD project is focused on the synthesis and characterization of mechanically interlocked molecules (rotaxanes) and the application of these metal ions complexes.

Wei Song 宋巍

3rd year PhD student (joint with Benjamin Stieglitz)

Wei SongI'm from China, I finished my undergraduate study in Northwest A&F University (near Xi'an) and a 3-year Master's in Peking University. I get the CSC-QMUL scholarship to support my 4-year PhD research here in QMUL. My project is trying to elucidate the mechanism of mitochondrial Complex I using both site-directed mutagenesis and advanced EPR methods. London is an amazing place to explore and I really enjoy living here!

Kaltum Abdiaziz

3rd year PhD student

Kaltum AbdiazizI am Somali but was born in Sweden, Gothenburg. I moved to the UK when I was 8 and have lived in Leicester ever since. I did my undergraduate and masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Leicester. I am currently doing my PhD at QMUL in London and am loving it. I also enjoy traveling and food in my spare time.

Gemma McGuire

1st year PhD student (joint with Guy Hanke)

Katherine Richardson

1st year PhD student (joint with Guy Hanke), LIDo Programme


Alumni - where are they now?

Independent Fellow

  • Dr. Enrico Salvadori (2015-18) - Enrico joined us first on a joint position with UCL and then as the EPR Facility Research Fellow. He now holds a lectureship at the University of Turin (Italy).


  • Dr. Nolwenn le Breton (2015-17) - Nolwenn now has a permanent CNRS research position (ingénieur de recherche) at the Chemistry Institute at the University of Strasbourg, which is part of the national French EPR platform.
  • Dr. Ana Maria Esteves (2016-17) - Ana is now a PostDoc at King's College London.

PhD students

  • John Wright - currently a PDRA in the Roessler group

Master students

  • Chrisline Thomas (2017-18), Inorganic Chemistry project prize 2018 - Chemistry teacher
  • Adam Suhaj (2016-17) - PhD student at King's College London
  • Chagish Gnanaranjan (2016-17)
  • Nilab Rashidi (2016-17)
  • Michelle Liu (2015-16)
  • Anokhi Shah (2014-15) - PhD student in EPR spectroscopy at the University of St. Andrew's
  • Hong Nhi Truong (2014-15)
  • Nicholas Pillay (2013-14)

BSc project students

  • Dilan Al (2017-18) - MRes Imperial College London

Summer students

  • Gemma McGuire, Imperial College London (2017) - returned as PhD student!
  • Chris Gusenda, University of Frankfurt, Germany, DAAD RISE funded (2017)
  • Camille Galateau, ESCOM (Ecole Normale de Chimie Organique et Minerale), Compiegne, France (2016)
  • Svenja Hehn, University of Konstanz, Germany, DAAD RISE funded (2016)
  • Sumeyye Altun, Bogazici University, Turkey, Erasmus + funded (2016)
  • Catalina-Andreea Romila, QMUL, RSC summer bursary (2014) - now a PhD student at UCL