Dr Charles Romain

CRCharles is a Junior Research Fellow at Imperial College London. He leads a research group interested in the development of sustainable polymers from renewable resources, designing new metal catalysts and improving material end-of-life.

Through his scientific journey as a researcher in chemistry, Charles has developed an interest and an expertise in research data management and FAIR data. He is curently co-leading the Research Data Strategy discusion group at DigiFAB which aim to identify, disseminate and implement good practices for data sharing and publication in chemistry.

Past group members


  • Sami Gesslbauer - PhD Student (viva in July 2021)


  • Dr Panagiotis Bexis - PDRA
  • Sami Gesslbauer - PhD student (3rd year)


  • Sami Gesslbauer - PhD Student (2nd year)
  • Chawin Chalisarapong - MSci student
  • Veronica Nacci - BSc student


  • Jameel Marafie - PhD student (viva in September 2018)
  • Sami Gesslbauer - PhD student (1st year)
  • Floriana Moruzzi - MSci student
  • Diana Piermarini - BSc student
  • Stanley Ng - BSc student


  • Jameel Marafie - PhD student (3rd year)
  • Yijun Chen - MRes student
  • Dr. Risto Savela - Visiting fellow from Abo University, Turku, Finland
  • Stephane Bernhard - Erasmus student from EPFL
  • Rebecca Murray-Watson - UROP student from Cambridge University