Latest news regarding the College staff room booking system for meetings (Planon/Outlook).

Sherfield 4th floor closing 1 July for refurbishment

Sherfield 4th floor is being refurbished from 1 July 2019.  During this period, all the meeting rooms will be shut.  When it re-opens the floor layout will be different and this is likely to result in different meeting rooms being shared.  The Outlook, Planon and this website will be updated as the rooms become available.

Planon Upgrade Thursday 7 February 2019, from 6:00 am

This is anticipated to last until 9am, during which time you should not make any room bookings, using Outlook or Planon. Please check this page before booking, as it will be updated to confirm that the system is available.

  • Upgrade completed, system now available - 7 Feb 9:06 am

If you make a booking during the upgrade you may have to redo it.

  • via Outlook -  you will not receive an email confirmation from Planon.  You will need to re-send your invitation once the system is running.
  • via Planon - it will not appear in the Outlook room calendar.  You will need to cancel the booking and create a new one once the system is running.