We have a wide range of capability in thin film deposition, patterning and milling, electrical testing and characterisation.

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Our Facilities

Sir Michael Uren Hub

Royce at Imperial will be based on the 8th floor of the Sir Michael Uren Building at Imperial Colleges White City Campus. Our new lab will feature a wide range of thin film deposition, characterisation and testing capability, as well as a  140 m2 clean room. 

The white city development has been an exciting new project for the college, and is the home of the Chemistry department, the ihub and the molecular sciences research hub. Find out more about the white city campus.

Uren building timelapse September 2018

Uren building timelapse September 2018

Thin Film Deposition

 Our Thin Film Deposition suit will include:

  • VG Scienta Nanoedge 100, Combined PVD and CVD Graphene Deposition
  • Mantis Oxides E-beam Epitaxy Deposition
  • VG Scienta OLED edge combined CVD and PVD deposition system
  • Combined Mantis Magnetron Sputtering and E-Beam Deposition System
  • Neocera Pulsed Laser Deposition System
  • Mantis Nitrides E-beam Epitaxy Deposition System
  • Korvus Hex-L Deposition System

Patterning and milling

Our Patterning and Milling Capability includes: 

  • ORA IM150 Ion Milling System
  • Sentech Etchlab 200 Reactive Ion Etching
  • Page Raith eLine Plus (used as placeholder) Electron Beam Lithography 1 EBL Lab 2
  • OAI Mask Aligner and UV Exposure System Model 200
  • Karl Suss Mask Aligner MJB3

Testing and characterisation

We have the following testing and characterisation capability:

  • Veeco Dektak 150
  • Signatone S-1160 Room Temperature Probe Station
  • Janis Microwave Cryo Probe Station
  • Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer
  • Agilent 4287A RF LCR Meter
  • Agilent 8722ES Vector Network Analyzer
  • Filmetric F20-UV Thin Film Analyser
  • KLA Tencor D-600 Profiler
  • Dual Beam Scios FIB with Cryo Stage
  • Malvern  Panalytical / Empyrean MultiCore High-Performance X-ray Diffractometer
  • Sigma Zeiss Scanning Electron Microscope 
  • 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope 
  • Electrochemistry suite- including an electrochemical mass spectrometry instrument 


Spin Lab Logo

SPIN-Lab includes a wide range of equipment to study and manipulate spins, and can be accessed through the Royce Platform. 

Full details of SPIN-Lab Equipment

Department of Materials

Royce at Imperial is a division of the Materials Department at Imperial College London. 

Find out more information on the Department of Materials, our wider research, and academic courses at all levels of study.