1. Health and safety matters

1.2 Health and safety from day one

Although you have only recently started working at Imperial, you will already be aware how important Health & Safety is to the College. If you have been issued with a College ID card, on your first day you will have gone through a short Safety briefing with your line manager or their delegate.

This Day One Health and Safety Induction includes a range of vital information, including how to call for assistance or emergency services, what to do in the event of fire, how to obtain first aid, whom to notify in the case of accidents and building problems and so on. Try the short quiz and click on the link in the Links box if you need a reminder.

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Day One Health and Safety form
Click on the form to see the full version or the useful Guidance for induction document.

Activity: Once you have answered the questions, take a few moments to consider what you think your responsibilities might be. Do you have specific Health and Safety responsibilities in your job description or contract? If not, you will still have such responsibilities which go with your role. It will help you as you progress through this course (and of course in your job) to know what these are.