Month One Safety Training (MOST)

How to use this course

Some tips on using this course
  • MOST is made up of six sections. It is best to do these sequentially as some ideas used in the earlier sections will appear in later ones. Please read though each page and do the activities, even if you feel you are familiar with the information.
  • Each section name and page number appears in the title area.
  • Use the navigation buttons along the top. Next will take you to the next page in the sequence, Back will take you to the previous one.
  • Menu takes you to to the section menu or the main menu if you are already at a section menu.
  • Exit will close the browser window (it does warn you though!).
  • Many pages have short videos, some with sound. If you need a transcript of the video, select the link just below it.
  • When the video is running, you can use the little buttons below it to pause and return to an earlier section.
  • When you select an external link (usually in the Links box), you will go directly to the page or document. Use the back button on your browser to return to MOST.
  • To print a page, use the print facility in your browser
  • You can also copy and paste text from MOST pages (including the video transcripts) into a word processor if you want to make notes.

Links: You will see these Links boxes on nearly all the pages of MOST. They contain web links to important information, documents or other web sites. Some links you may want to click on as you go through the course, others you may want to look at or use later.

Activity: MOST is designed to be as active as possible and we encourage you to stop and think now and again to connect what is in the course with your everyday work. Many pages have an Activity box to encourage you to think about your own role for a few minutes or undertake a short task.