On campus, wearing a face covering is now essential in most locations. Face coverings should cover both your mouth and nose.  This information is also available to download Social distancing, use of face coverings and face visors (pdf).

When it’s essential to wear a face covering:

  • Walking around campus  
  • Cafes and welfare spaces 
  • Lecture theatres 
  • Teaching rooms 
  • Libraries
  • Halls of residence 
  • Travelling on public transport 

When it's not essential to wear a face covering:

  • Laboratories (local arrangements will be in place)
  • Workshops (local arrangements will be in place)
  • Offices

For laboratories and other high-risk areas please refer to the local risk assessments for exact requirements.

Three illustrations showing the effect of wearing face coverings. Description in the caption.
When no one wears a face covering, we spread COVID-19. When you wear a face covering, you protect me. When everyone wears a face covering, we protect each other.

Visors and face coverings

You may be required to wear a face visor in some places in addition to a face covering. The most likely places are in teaching rooms where it’s difficult to maintain a distance of two metres. Departments will advise you of when it’s necessary to wear a face visor and how to get one.

Reusable face coverings are not suitable for use in laboratory areas. If a risk assessment indicates an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission from person to person while working in the lab, the use of face visors is more suitable. The risk assessment must consider whether the use of face visors introduces additional risks to the work environment.

If you cannot wear a face covering

Some people will be exempt from wearing a face covering due to a physical or mental illness, or disability. If you are exempt, please visit the Hidden Disabilities webpage (log in required).

Making your own face coverings

There are a number of useful websites, with easy to follow directions, demonstrating how to make various styles of washable face coverings which can be worn when social distancing cannot be guaranteed. A selection can be accessed from the links below:


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