Payroll Giving is the most effective way to give regular support to SCI. It is simple and tax effective – you simply authorise your employer to deduct your donation from your pay packet monthly or as a one off payment. Because Payroll Giving deductions are made before tax* is calculated, it costs you less and we receive the money that would otherwise have been paid in tax on your donation.

For example: You pledge £10. You only pay £8.

Many employers encourage the scheme by matching their employees' donations – does yours?

How can I set it up?

Contact your company's HR department and find out if your company already has a payroll giving scheme set up. If they do, that's great! Request from your HR department the necessary PAYE (Donor Instruction) form, fill it in, pass it on to payroll and they will do the rest for you. 

SCI is part of Imperial College London. It is not a seperate charity. Therefore, please include the following details for your chosen charity on your PAYE form:

Imperial College London, 
London SW7 2AZ
HMRC Charity exempt number: X2361
Ref: Prof A Fenwick, SCI

How does it work?

Very easily - payments are deducted straight from your salary either as a regular monthly payment or as a once-off gift. All you need to do is choose how much you want to give to which charity, and advise your payroll department. The money goes via a Payroll Giving agency towards the appropriate charity.

What are the benefits of payroll giving for you?

What are the benefits of payroll giving for SCI?

*based on basic tax of 20%