A researcher talking to a patient as part of a dementia study an Imperial College London

The CHARIOT: Cognitive Health in Ageing Register Investigational, Observational and Trial Studies

The CHARIOT register is a collaboration between general practitioners (GPs) and the School of Public Health (specifically, the Ageing Epidemiology (AGE) Research Unit and the Global Digital Health Unit) at Imperial College London. It is a register made up of healthy volunteers interested in taking part in research to better understand and prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other late onset neurodegenerative diseases. The CHARIOT register is vital to facilitate the research conducted at AGE. The register has been highly successful throughout its pilot stage, and now holds data of over 30,000 volunteers. Evidently, the prevention of age-related neurodegenerative diseases is of interest to many individuals. 

The CHARIOT register: Aims

  • To build a register of 'cognitively healthy' individuals aged 50-85 who are interested in research
  • To provide opportunities to participate in investigational, observational and clinical trials specifically aimed at predicting and preventing diseases of ageing
  • To facilitate research for Alzheimer's disease and dementia prevention

The CHARIOT register: Timeline

  • 2012 - the CHARIOT register was established and the first volunteers invited by their GPs
  • 2014 - the first volunteers from the CHARIOT register invited to take part in a research study; 86 volunteers took part in the UK Funnel Study
  • 2017 - over 30, 000 volunteers have joined the register from 172 GP surgeries across West and North London. Almost 4, 000 of those have taken part in research studies

Interested in getting involved?

If you are interested in joining the CHARIOT register and taking part in related research studies, please download the CHARIOT Register Consent Form (PDF)  and email the signed copy to dementia.prevention@imperial.ac.uk . This form has more information for you to read and pages 5-6 must be completed.

We process all data in line with Imperial College London’s Data Protection Policy.  We will only use the data you provide via this form for the purposes of processing and responding to your interest in joining the CHARIOT register. Please read our Register GDPR Privacy NoticeIf you have any queries you can contact a member of the team at dementia.prevention@imperial.ac.uk.

We use a third-party emailing and mailing service providers to carry out our Register-related activities. By signing up to our CHARIOT Register, you are giving us authorisation to store your data on Campaign Monitor and Docmail.