Staff from the Neuroepidemiology

Director, Chair in Neuroepidemiology Professor Miia Kivipelto
Chair in Neurology Professor Lefkos Middleton
Lecturer in Epidemiology of Ageing Dr Sara Ahmari-Abhari
Lecturer Dr Christina Lill
Reader in Cognitive Impairment & Dementia Professor Robert Perneczky
Reader in Neurogenetics Professor Lars Bertram
Departmental & Project Manager Lisa Curry
Lead Clinical Neuropsychologist  Dr Geraint Price
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator - CHARIOT Pro Study Dr Chinedu Udeh-Momoh 
Programme Manager/ Research Fellow - CHARIOT Pro Study Dr Celeste Loots
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator - GENERATION Study Dr Petros Takousis
Principal Clinical Research NeuroPsychologist Barbara Hurtado
Melanie Tokley
Clinical Research Coordinator - Neurovision Darina Bassil
Project Manager. Dinithi Perera
Clinical Research Site Administrator Polly Fox
Clinical Research Coordinator - CHARIOT Pro Study, Charing Cross Hospital Heather McLellan
Dr Lucia Lavalle 
Giulia Chiandet
Clinical Research Coordinator - Imperial Research Hub, Stadium House Naomi Friel
Clinical Research Coordinator - Generation Study Sima Toopchiani
Jennifer Crispin
Clinical Research Coordinator of Chariot Pro Sub Study 2 (or SEAHORSE Study) Dr Martin Cohn
Data Management Coordinator  Dr Parthenia Giannakopoulou
PA to Professor Lefkos Middleton and Professor Miia Kivipelto /Research Unit Administrator Naia Headland-Vanni
CHARIOT Register Team Manager Emily Summers
Clinical Research Laboratory Technician Kristina Lakey
Clinical Fellow Dr Chowdary Seemulamoodi Yeallappa
Dr Dimitra Kafetsouli
Dr Francisca Wong
Dr Jonathan Lye
Dr Leticia Harding
Dr Liam Nalder
Dr Rabiah Chaudhry
Dr Sarah Law
Dr Sinthuja Visahan
Doctors Dr Nayab Hussain
Dr Nileema Patel
Dr Petrina Ayertey-Gbeve
Research Associate Dr Arlina Cerga Pashoja
Research Assistant/PhD Candidate Catherine Robb
Research Assistant Ivie Itua
Hiba Wanis
Karen Abbott
Data Manager Walid Abou El Joud
Banke Adeleke
Anna Kowalewski
Assistant Psychologist Claire Devlin-Chisnall
Corin Whitfield
Issac Walsh
Jamie Ford
Katy Romney
Rosa Hardy
Sarah Meeds
Stuart Olive
Clinical Research Administrative Officer  Adele Mabley
Arpita Upadhyaya
Christos Maniatis
Hana Haid
Intushaa Indrakumar
Neil Beckford
Stefan McGinn-Summers
Rupert Higgins
Simrit Panaich
Clinical Research Facilitator Aberami Chandrakumar
Aneet Gill
Brenda Hart
Christine Ozolins
Elliot Smith
Fariba Aghbosh
Hajnal Zdravics
Hamida Begum
Jessie So
Lesley Williamson
Mobeen Fazal
Monica Munoz
Olivia Wood
Patience Renias-Zuva
Dr Prince Acheampong
Roshni Goel
Rupal Shah
Sam Clements
Shatabdi Joshi
Sinead St. John
Snehal Pandya
Sumaiya Kamora
Tashan Hassan
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