A laptop displaying code

The IT services team provide the technical solutions for the wide variety of projects that the ERG undertakes.

This ranges from large projects such as managing the air pollution data from over 200 monitoring sites, as part of the LAQN (London Air Quality Network), to bespoke systems and application development for web services.

We also work closely with local authorities and educational institutions to develop and maintain multiple websites and mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Technical expertise

  • Computing, data storage, security, network infrastructure
  • Air quality website development
  • Content management systems
  • Research data and measurement collection systems
  • Data dissemination and visualisation

Notable projects

London Air Quality Network website

The London Air site provides air quality forecasts, related news and advice and monitoring site data for local authorities, researchers and the public. The ‘Nowcast’ feature offers hourly air pollution estimates for any location across London. 

The site attracting over 15,000 visitors a month, and is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile users.

AirAlertColdAlert and HeatAlert

IT services developed and continues to manage the AirAlert, ColdAlert HeatAlert services for residents of Sussex. These provide advance warning as to when a high pollution, extreme cold or a heatwave will occur. Subscribers receive automated email, text, telephone or mobile app notifications.

Mobile notifications are sent via the AirAlert app, available on both iOS and Android. The sites and apps are intuitive and user friendly with close to 1000 active subscribers.

Canairy app

Mobile app developed in partnership with the British Safety Council to provide outdoor workers, and their employers, with crucial information about their exposure to air pollution on an hourly basis.


A website to review and evaluate the accuracy of small air pollution monitors.  Researchers, manufacturers and the general public who use small sensors are able to upload their pollution data and evaluate the readings against a reference monitor.

Non-Road Mobile Machinery Register

Our team developed the first version of the NRMM register, an online inventory detailing building sites and machinery equipment with combustion engines (bulldozers, generators, cranes).

Team members

  • IT Manager - Robert Hepburn
  • Environmental IT Specialist - Ian Troughton
  • Web Developer - Andrew Brook

Potential contract work and collaboration

If you have an air quality related project that may be suitable for our team, please contact the IT manger Robert Hepburn. We can fully manage and support your project from inception, requirements gathering, development and release. Once live, we can host and maintain websites and web applications on our cloud-based server infrastructure. This ensures a high standard in availability and security.

Our project management process follows well established techniques. We typically use the Agile approach, which focuses on continuous improvement, scope flexibility and stakeholder feedback. We can also follow a more structured ‘Waterfall’ methodology where each stage of the project lifecycle is decided and completed, under a fixed budget and timescale.

To help reduce the risk from legal liability, we also ensure that each project is compliant with the latest legislation with regards to disability discrimination, freedom of information, data protection and GDPR.