A stethoscope, calculator and money

This work involves assessing the financial burden of health care in both low and high-income country settings. Our work seeks to explore bi-directional relationships between out of pocket expenditure, healthcare utilisation and health outcomes in patients with chronic disease, especially those from vulnerable groups, i.e. elderly persons and those of lower socio-economic status. Another area of interest is documenting the growing erosion of financial protection in European health systems.

Research focus

Health financing mechanisms and financial protection in middle-income countries, increased cost sharing and erosion of financial protection in European health systems, effective strategies to reduce overutilization and low-value health care

Country focus: Middle-income countries and EU member states

Project example

Impact of noncommunicable disease multimorbidity on healthcare utilisation and out of pocket expenditures in six middle-income countries.We found that multimorbidity is associated with higher levels of healthcare utilisation and greater financial burden for individuals in middle-income countries. Out of pocket expenditure on medicines constituted a significant proportion of total healthcare expenditures for those with multimorbidity. Our study supports the WHO call for universal health insurance and health service coverage in lower and middle-income countries, particularly for vulnerable groups such as the elderly with multimorbidity.