SCARU has developed a Self-Care Evaluation Framework (SCEF) and a toolkit to support objective evaluation of self-care initiatives. SCEF is based on the Self-Care Matrix, and the Self-Care Development, Commissioning & Evaluation Design (SCCED) toolkit. SCEF could be applied to illustrate the tangible and intangible return on investment potential of any self-care intervention.

SCARU is working closely with UK Self-Care Forum to build a repository of self-care initiatives to inform best practice in the UK and around the world and strengthen the evidence base for self-care.

SCARU is also validating the Self-Care Capability Assessment (CAPITAN) tool which is a synthesis of 37 instruments and proxy-measures previously used to measure self-care. The validation and routine use of CAPITAN can be deployed as a decision support tool to help providers of health & social care in delivering a more effective intervention based on the self-care capability of individuals.

SCCED toolkit