Many Imperial GPST trainees have been recognised and awarded for their high performance and innovation:


Dr Duncan Hockey

Dr Duncan (Chad) Hockey - London-wide GP trainee of the year

After winning the leadership category of the excellence awards, Dr Duncan (Chad) Hockley then went on and to win the overall "GP trainee of the year" award in 2014. The judges were impressed by Dr Hockey’s on-going leadership work and delivery of sustainable changes which have helped to significantly improve education for GP trainees and services for patients in London as well as promote and develop primary care.

This is a great achievement for Chad and the Imperial GPST scheme.

Dr Duncan Hockey commented on his achievement: “To be honest I don’t think I could have done this on any other scheme – the opportunities I’ve had have been amazing."

Dr Morag Lenman, Dr Kat Holt and Dr Chiara Haynes

Dr Morag Lenman, Dr Kat Holt and Dr Chiara Haynes - Top priz

In 2014, three trainees were involved in an exciting paediatrics with integrated care placement based at St Mary’s hospital. In addition to a two-month clinical placement, this post provided involvement in many projects with a view to improving the connections between primary and secondary care services which will be invaluable to our future careers as GPs.

A selection of these projects was presented at the London School of General Practice Annual Trainee conference and provided an opportunity to share work. Three trainees in the imperial scheme Dr Chiara Haynes, Dr Kat Holt and Dr Morag Lenman were awarded first prize in the category ‘Research and Audit’ for their presentation “Connecting Care for Children’s Health". An extended version was also presented at the St Mary’s hospital paediatric grand round which generated a lot of interest from paediatric colleagues and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

This post also provides trainees with opportunities to expand upon their skills in project management and the development of ideas from initial concept through to publication.

With the support of supervisors Dr Mando Watson and Dr Bob Klaber, the trio received their first publication in the British Journal of General Practice, ‘Paediatric consultant-GP hotline audit’ which audited a hotline service for GPs to phone in with paediatric queries. Some of their work, which considered the issues of Accident and Emergency use and GP opening hours was also presented at an unscheduled care meeting with local heads of commissioning. This was a unique opportunity to broaden understanding of commissioning and collaborative team working.

Such has been the success of this post that the paediatric department at St Mary’s Hospital has planned to introduce integrated care projects into the rota for all their trainees, paediatric and GP alike, to continue this work.


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