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Monday 22 June - Friday 26 June 2020

Key Information

Organising department: Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Location: St Mary's Campus, London, UK
Course fee: Standard £300, Student £120

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Course Director: Dr Daniela Fecht
Course Organiser: Professor Alan Fenwick

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This exciting and interactive course aims to give you the opportunity to broaden your understanding and knowledge of global health issues, alongside a more thorough understanding of the wider determinants of health. The focus is on introducing and updating the current status of the major tropical diseases and infections (malaria, TB, HIV and parasitic diseases such as schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis). We will also cover non-communicable diseases and emerging global health issues such as mental health and conflict.

We provide a brief introduction to each of the major challenges in global health and debate how to address them. The various expert lecturers each discuss the role of different governmental, academic and NGO players in their chosen field, and consider how health problems in developing countries contribute to global health which affects us all. 

The five day course consists of lectures, debates, discussions and small group work. No prior global health knowledge is required to attend this course and lectures are delivered in a way that is accessible to anyone with a general interest in global health. Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.