The summer term begins with work placements lasting about four weeks. The remainder of the year is taken up with work on a final production project.

Work placement (television or radio)

The work placement allows students to develop the skills and knowledge gained on the course in the real world of broadcast science communication. Students benefit from the supervision and guidance of professional TV and radio producers and can widen their range of contacts both in the media industry and in the world of science. Placements are set up through the College, although students may also undertake their own initiatives, in consultation with the College, if they wish. Placement hosts will exercise choice in their acceptance of students. The College will endeavour to accommodate students’ wishes as to placement type and location, but cannot guarantee that first choices will always be available.

Production project

Students research, script, shoot and edit their own programme based on their own ideas for a television or radio documentary. The final programme is accompanied by a written report.