Secure software systems

Addressing security issues in the design and the operation of software systems

This Centre focuses on the engineering and design of secure and resilient software systems, addressing security issues both early in the design cycle through formal analysis and verification, and during its operation through maintenance and system adaptation. Broadly, we group the activities of the centre in research themes that concern:

The themes are applied in a variety of contexts, from embedded sensing systems such as body area networks for healthcare, through infrastructure monitoring, unmanned autonomous systems, operating systems, middleware and large scale distributed systems architectures to web-based and cloud computing environments.The Centre is led from within the Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST, founded 2008), which coordinates and applies interdisciplinary and cross-departmental research and innovation to national security and resilience.

With CBRN threat reduction and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Security in Cyber Space plays a key role in the Institute's strategic programme.  The Imperial ACE-CSR comprises 15 members across three Imperial College London departments covering a broad portfolio of research that focuses on methods, tools and techniques for Engineering Secure Software Systems.

Over the last five years, members of the Centre have supervised over 53 doctoral students, published over 158 reviewed papers on topics within the Centre’s interests and have held grants totalling over £25M of funding from a wide range of sources including, EPSRC, EU, Industry and Defence.

Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research