Cyber Security

cyberThe world is increasingly connected and reliant upon computers for decision making, which means many threat spaces now have a cyber dimension. As such, cyber security research underpins much of the work at the ISST.

Imperial College London is recognised by the UK government as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR). Across the College there are several research groups working on cyber security with diverse expertise and connections into industry.

Find out more about cybersecurity research at Imperial College here.

Security Science

sec sciSecurity science underpins much of the work of the ISST. Security science is the study and description of materials and physical processes which act to disrupt/destroy infrastructure and wider society. In particular this involves the prediction of both long and short term effects of CBRNE events. This area includes; detection, mitigation, defeat, clean-up and forensic aspects of these threats.

The ISST Leadership Team have expertise in security science, and draw upon research from across the College, including the Institute of Shock Physics, Centre for Terahertz Science and EngineeringDepartment of Materials and others.

Data Analytics

dataDigital technologies allow the production and collection of huge amounts of data, from hyperspectral sensors, to network traffic, to social media. Developing meaningful and actionable understanding from data is crucial to many aspects of security science and technology.

We draw upon expertise in data analytics from both within the ISST and the wider College, and have connections with the Data Science Institute, our sister institute at Imperial College.