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AB - Preliminary results of the self-emission of charged particles frommagnetically driven plasma jets has been investigated. The jets were launchedand driven by a toroidal magnetic field generated by introducing a ∼1.4 MA,250 ns electrical current pulse from the MAGPIE generator into a radialwire array. This configuration has shown to reproduce some aspects of theastrophysical magnetic-tower jet launching model, in which a jet is collimatedby a toroidal magnetic field inside a magnetic cavity. The emission of ions andprotons from the plasma was recorded onto Columbia Resin 39 plates using timeintegratedpinhole cameras. In addition a fly-eye camera, an array of 25–496cylindrical apertures allowed estimating the location of the ion emitting source.The results show the ion emission comes from both the jet and its surroundingmagnetic cavity, with the emission extending to a height of at least ∼9 cm fromthe initial position of the wires. The emission of ions is consistent with the dynamics of the jet obtained from time-resolved imaging diagnostics, i.e. opticallaser probing and self-emission of the plasma in the extreme ultra-violet. Thesepreliminary results suggest the ions are trapped inside the cavity due to the strongtoroidal magnetic field which drives the jet. In addition these studies providefirst estimates of the energy and fluence of protons for future laser-driven protonprobing diagnostics aimed at measuring the magnetic field in these experiments.
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