The Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series is held in the Hamilton Building's Haldane lecture theatre, usually on Thursdays at 13.00. The timetable is given below.

If you would like to meet with the seminar speaker, please contact the host listed below. If no host is listed, please email:

Most presentations will be recorded using Panopto (Imperial login required), you can find all of the recorded talks in the Silwood Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series folder, here. Scroll to the bottom of this page for direct links to previous talks.

Seminar Speakers  

2017 - AUTUMN          
30 Sept Autumn term begins        
5 Oct, Thu No seminar        
12 Oct, Thu Etienne Low-Decarie Univ. Essex Michelle Jackson Aquatic microbial ecology Adaptation to environmental change in communities of aquatic microbiota
19 Oct, Thu Stephen Price UCL Matteo Fumagalli Pathogens and computational biology Emergence, host range and impacts of "frog ebola" (ranavirus)
26 Oct, Thu Bhavin Khatri Imperial College London  N/A Mathematical approaches for understanding evolution and speciation  A physicist view of virus evolution and allopatric speciation
2 Nov, Thu Kiyoko Gotanda University of Cambridge Mariya Dobreva Selective pressures on the origins and evolution of diversity Adaptation in a changing world: human influences on evolution
9 Nov, Thu Morgan Beeby Imperial College London  Samraat Pawar Cell assembly, function, and evolution Evolution of diversity in a bacterial molecular machine
16 Nov, Thu Ellie Harrison University of Sheffield  Emma Ransome Bacteria-plasmid coevolution & temperate phage Evolution in the intragenomic ecosystem: interactions between microbes and their mobile genetic elements 
23 Nov, Thu Emily Bethell Liverpool John Moores University Vincent Savolainen  Primate social cognition and behaviour  TBC
30 Nov, Thu Martin Solan University of Southampton Guy Woodward  Marine benthic ecology  TBC
7 Dec, Thu Mike Harfoot UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre Rob Ewers Mechanistic models to project biodiversity futures   TBC
14 Dec No seminar        
15 Dec Autumn term ends        
Date Speaker Institution   Panopto video, click below Title of talk
17 Oct, 2016 Nele Schuwirth EAWAG, Visiting ICL   video Mechanistic modelling of macroinvertebrate communities in streams
20 Oct, 2016 Rob Thomas Cardiff   video Animal behaviour in changing environments: behavioural responses of migratory birds to climate change
27 Oct, 2016 Robert Trivers Rutgers University, USA   video Recent advances in human evolutionary genetics
 3 Nov, 2016 Gabriel Yvon-Durocher Univ. of Exeter   video Warming, adaptation & ecosystem functioning
10 Nov, 2016 Vincent Merckx Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands   video The tangled evolutionary history of plants and fungi
17 Nov, 2016 Andy Purvis ICL, NHM   video Land-use change, biodiversity loss and biotic homogenisation: the PREDICTS project
24 Nov, 2016  Nessa O'Connor Queens Univ. Belfast   video Blue solutions to global challenges: why we need experimental tests of environmental change on species interactions
8 Dec, 2016 Samuel Rund University of Edinburgh   video Scope and insights from publicly-available mosquito abundance data
12 Jan, 2017 Hanne Løvlie Linkoping Univ.   video Life of the fowl: sex, status and personality
19 Jan, 2017 Pete Smith University of Aberdeen   video Can we deliver nutrition security and climate change mitigation without wrecking the planet?
26 Jan, 2017 James Bullock NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology   video Population spread and the velocity of climate change
2 Feb, 2017 Nova Mieszkowska Marine Biological Assoc.   video (apologies, no sound on this one) Data densities, biogeographic challenges and mechanistic insights into climate impacts on marine ectotherms
9 Feb, 2017 Erik Gomez-Baggethun Norwegian Inst. Nature Research   video Ecosystem valuation: pragmatic conservation or commodification of nature?
16 Feb, 2017
Matteo Fumagalli ICL / Silwood   video The conquest of the Arctic: a genetic journey
23 Feb, 2017 Melody Clark British Antarctic Survey    video (apologies, no sound on this one) Cool genomics
16 Mar, 2017  Morena Mills ICL / Silwood   video When conservation goes viral: The diffusion of innovative biodiversity conservation policies and practices
23 Mar, 2017
Alexandru Hening ICL / S.Ken   video Stochastic population growth in spatially heterogeneous environments
11 May, 2017 Martin Smith University of Durham   video The origins of Ecdysozoan body plans
18 May, 2017 Anjali Goswami UCL   video From Development to Deep Time: the macroevolutionary
consequences of phenotypic integration
25 May, 2017 Mridul Thomas  EAWAG   video How do we predict the future of phytoplankton?
1 June, 2017 Natalie Cooper  NHM   video Macroevolution with fossil and living species: museums, mammals and morphology
15 June, 2017 Andy Foote Bangor Univ.   video  The Genomic History of Killer Whale Ecotypes
 22 June, 2017 Beatriz Jorrin  Univ. Oxford   video  From population genomics to synthetic communities in the Rhizobium - Legume system


If you have a speaker you'd like to invite, please email: