Projects for 2019 Entry

Each year we offer a number of opportunities to study for a PhD under the supervision of academic staff in our group. Research topics include space and planetary physics, atmospheric physics and climate science, and laboratory astrophysics. This section of our website is being updated and will provide information about applying to start a PhD in October 2019. Please check back soon for more details. 

We also welcome enquiries if you would be interested in undertaking a PhD on a topic not specifically listed in this section of the website, but in a field of research covered in the SPAT group. In this case, please contact the relevant academic member of staff directly.

Projects for 2016 Entry

Atmospheric Physics

Information about how to applyto the NERC Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership and/or the NERC Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantiative and Modelling Skills in Ecology and Evolution (QMEE) will be posted soon. 



Space Physics

Projects for entry in October 2019 will be posted soon. Please check back again soon.

Laboratory Astrophysics

If you are interested in projects in laboratory astrophysics, please contact Juliet Pickering

Example project in laboratory astrophysics: Spectroscopy of astrophysically important elements and applications of the new atomic data to astrophysics: 2017 Pickering Lab Astro  

How to apply?

If you have any questions regarding the PhD program in SPAT, please contact the SPAT Admissions Coordinator using the email address

Follow this link to be redirected to PhD application forms

Once you have submitted your application online, please save the full application in pdf format and send a copy to the SPAT Admissions Coordinator and the SPAT Group Administration at and

President's Scholarship

The President's Scholarship is an extremely competitive award, which is reserved for candidates of exceptional academic achievement, as well as demonstrated committment to research. If you are interested in applying for the President's Scholarship, please check back here soon for more information about availablility in Space and Atmospheric Physics.