Projects for 2017 Entry

A list of PhD projects (and their supervisors) available in the Space and Atmospheric Physics group for students applying for entry in October 2017 is now available. The list is not finalised, particularly in space physics, so please continue to check this webpage.

Note that additional opportunities in climate change research are offered through the Grantham Institute.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would be interested in undertaking a PhD on a topic not listed below but in a field of research covered in the SPAT group.

Projects for 2016 Entry

Atmospheric Physics

Notes on applying for atmospheric physics PhD places: all projects listed below are open for October 2017 entry subject to available funding.  If you are interested in applying please contact the named supervisor directly asap.

Helen Brindley

2017 Brindley B Investigating dust-climate interactions over India

2017 Truths CASE Deriving improved Essential Climate Variables using TRUTHS: An Earth Radiation Budget test case - this is a CASE award supported by the National Physical Laboratory

Arnaud Czaja 

2017 Czaja B A modelling study of the impact of North Atlantic sea surface temperature anomalies on the North Atlantic Oscillation and the tropical atmospheric circulation

Heather Graven 

2017 Graven Estimating and attributing regional methane emissions using innovative atmospheric measurements

Ralf Toumi

2017 Toumi  Modelling Tropical Cyclones in the West Pacific

Apostolos Voulgarakis

2017 Voulgarakis A Fire, atmospheric composition, and climate: Modelling the past, present, and future

 2017 Voulgarakis C Predicting the ecological impacts of future fire (this is a project as part of the Quantitative and Modelling Skills in Ecology and Evolution CDT)

Space Physics

Michele Dougherty

Magnetospheric dynamics and global field modeling at Saturn -> 2017 Dougherty Saturn2

Induced magnetic signatures at Jupiter's moons -> 2017 Dougherty Induction‌ 

Ingo Mueller-Wodarg

Aeronomy of Mars with Exomars -> 2017 Muller-Wodarg‌ 


Laboratory Astrophysics

Juliet Pickering

2017 Pickering Lab Astro  Laboratory Astrophysics: Spectroscopy of astrophysically important elements and applications of the new atomic data to astrophysics

Need further information?

If you have any questions regarding the PhD program in SPAT, contact Dr. Helen Brindley.

Follow this link to be redirected to PhD application forms

Once you have submitted your application online, please save the full application in pdf format and send a copy to Dr Brindley and the Group Secretary at

Consider also applying to the Imperial College PhD Scholarship.