Current PhD Projects

Space physics postgraduate students and their projects:

StudentSupervisorProject Title
Omakshi Agiwal Prof. Michele Dougherty  

Cassini: End of mission data analysis

Florence Concepcion Mairey

Prof. Juliet Pickering

New accurate atomic data for astrophysics applications - Fe II transition probabilities.
Emma Davies

Dr. Bob Forsyth

 Large scale structure in the solar wind
Ewen Davies

Prof. Michele Dougherty/ 

Dr. Adam Masters

The Dynamics of Saturn’s High Latitude Magnetic Field Configuration
Joe Eggington Dr. Jonathan Eastwood Global Simulations of Planetary Magnetospheres
Nawapat Kaweeyanun Dr. Adam Masters

Modelling Ganymede's magnetosphere

Harry Manners Dr. Adam Masters The structure and dynamics of Jupiter's giant magnetosphere
Sadie Robertson Dr. Jonathan Eastwood Magnetic reconnection with Magnetospheric Multiscale
Alex Siddle Dr. Ingo Müller-Wodarg The Martian solar wind interaction
Ned Staniland Prof. Michele Dougherty Magnetospheric dynamics and global field modeling at Saturn.
Peter Stephenson Dr. Marina Galand

Cometary ionospheres

Space physics postgraduate students and their projects

Atmospheric physics postgraduate students and their projects:

StudentSupervisorProject Title
Kelvin Choi Dr. Helen Brindley  Building a Long-term Record of the Global Solar Energy Resource from Satellite Observations
Natasha Dansey Dr. Arnaud Czaja/ Prof. Jo Haigh  
Goodwin Gibbins Prof. 

Jo Haigh and Valerio Lucarini


Entropy Production in the Earth System

Fumi Hayashi Dr. Arnaud Czaja  
Joanna Lester Dr. Heather Graven/ Dr. Arnaud Czaja (Imperial) and Samar Khatiwala (Oxford) Studying ocean circulation, acidification and CO2 uptake using models and tracers
Yi Li Prof. Ralf Toumi Regional ocean data assimilation and forecast
Minyi Liang Dr. Arnaud Czaja Extreme poleward heat transport to the high latitudes
Robbie Parks Prof. Ralf Toumi  Seasonality of mortality: evaluating past trends and forecasting the effects of a changing climate
Grace Redmond Prof. Ralf Toumi  
Amy Seales Dr. Helen Brindley 'Reducing uncertainty in climate predictions: Enhancing the science case for TRUTHS'
Peter Shatwell Dr. Arnaud Czaja, David Ferreira (Uni of Reading), Greg Pavliotis (Imperial Maths) A process study of heat uptake by the global ocean
Mohan Smith Prof. Ralf Toumi  

Applications of AI to Catastrophic Weather Event Prediction

Chris Wells Dr. Apostolos Voulgarakis   

Recent Graduates

Here are some of our recent PhD graduates:

StudentSupervisorProject Title
Alison Cobb Dr. Arnaud Czaja Ocean-atmosphere interactions in cyclones and their predictability
Ronan McAdam Dr. Eric van Sebille The connected ocean: comparing inter-ocean transport at the surface and at depth 
Luke Phillipson Prof. Ralf Toumi Ocean data assimilation in the Angola Basin
Cesar Quilodran Casas Prof. Ralf Toumi Fast ocean data assimilation and forecasting using a neural-network reduced-space regional ocean model of the north Brazil current
Kieran Brophy Dr. Heather Graven/ Prof. Juliet Pickering Atmospheric studies of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion
Rebecca Thomas Dr. Heather Graven/ Prof. Colin Prentice Using atmospheric CO2 measurements to advance land carbon science 
Sunil Varma Dr. Apostolos Voulgarakis/ Dr. Arnaud Czaja  
Christian Clear Prof. Juliet Pickering The Spectrum and Term Analysis of Singly-ionised Nickel (Ni II)
Kevin Heritier Dr. Marina Galand

Cometary ionosphere analysis from Rosetta multi-instrumental dataset

Lars Mejnertsen Dr. Jonathan Eastwood/ Prof. Jerry Chittenden The dynamics of the outer boundaries in global simulations of planetary magnetospheres
Gianluca Carnielli Dr. Marina Galand Variability of the ionospheric plasma around Ganymede
David Stansby Prof. Tim Horbury The solar wind in the inner heliosphere