Current PhD Projects

Space physics postgraduate students and their projects:

 Gianluca Carnelli Dr. Marina Galand
 STFC Variability of the ionospheric plasma around Ganymede
 Christian Clear Dr. Juliet Pickering  STFC Laboratory spectroscopy
 Ewen Davies

Prof. Michele Dougherty

Dr. Adam Masters

 STFC Saturn's magnetic field environment revealed by Cassini
 Alex Hage Prof. Juliet Pickering  STFC  
 Kevin Heritier Dr. Marina Galand  President's PhD Scholarship Modelling of the cometary plasma environment probed by Rosetta
 Florence Liggins Prof. Juliet Pickering  STFC Spectroscopy of astrophysically important elements and applications of the new atomic or molecular data to astrophysics and atmospheric physics
 Lars Mejnertsen Dr. Jonathan Eastwood  STFC Global simulation of the solar wind – magnetosphere interaction with applications to space weather modelling
 Rishi Mistry Dr. Jonathan Eastwood  STFC Probing the physics of magnetic reconnection using in situ satellite measurements
 Alex Siddle Dr. Ingo Müller-Wodarg  STFC  
 Mehdi Ben Slama Dr. Ingo Müller-Wodarg  STFC Electro-Magnetic coupling between interior, atmosphere and space environment on Galilean Moons
 David Stansby Prof. Tim Horbury  STFC Physics of the solar wind in the inner heliosphere
Space physics postgraduate students and their projects

Atmospheric physics postgraduate students and their projects:

Kieran Brophy Dr. Heather Graven NERC and Grantham Institute for Climate Change Atmospheric studies of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion
Alison Cobb      
Carlo Corsaro Prof Ralf Toumi Climate KIC Hurricane storm surge modelling
Natasha Dansey      
Goodwin Gibbins      
Stephen Hardwick Prof Ralf Toumi, Dr Bob Ewers Grantham Institute for Climate Change Modelling microclimates in tropical rainforests
Thomas Leahy      
Joanna Lester      
Yi Li Prof. Ralf Toumi   Regional ocean forecasting
Minyi Liang Dr. Arnaud Czaja Jebsen Foundation Extreme poleward heat transport to the high latitudes
Stephane Mangeon Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis NERC/Met Office Interactive fire modelling for studies of past, present and future wildfire-composition-climate interactions
Ronan McAdam      
Robbie Parks      
Samuel Phibbs Prof Ralf Toumi NERC Influence of sea surface and atmospheric temperatures on tropical like cyclones in the Mediterranean
Luke Phillipson Prof. Ralf Toumi   Regional ocean data assimilation
Cesar Quilodran      
Grace Redmond      
Amy Seales Dr. Helen Brindley EPSRC CASE with NPL 'Reducing uncertainty in climate predictions: Enhancing the science case for TRUTHS'
Dilshad Shawki Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis / Prof Ralf Toumi Grantham Institute Remote and Local Influences on South Asian Climate and Air Quality
Rebecca Thomas Dr Heather Graven and Prof Colin Prentice Grantham Institute for Climate Change Using atmospheric CO2 measurements to advance land carbon science 
Arjav Trivedi Dr Ralf Toumi EPSRC Non-hydrostatic model of the Faroe- Shetland channel
Sunil Varma Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis / Dr Arnaud Czaja   The influence of clouds on upper troposphere/lower stratosphere composition and climate forcing
Shuai Wang Prof Ralf Toumi CSC Scholarship Environmental factors affecting Typhoons
Sian Williams Dr. Helen Brindley, Prof. Colin Prentice Grantham Institute for Climate Change A global model for greenness and dust