Active Imperial

Join Team Active!

Team Active benefits

  • Initial assessment
  • ALT Programme
  • 8 week activity plan
  • Nutrition support
  • FREE Under Armour T-shirt
  • Programme Review
  • Small, Team Active only gym floor classes

Do you take part in vigorous* sport, exercise or physical activity for less than 20 minutes on 3 days a week?

Calling all students! Join our Active Imperial programme as one of our Team Active members and start your new healthy lifestyle with a personalised programme.

It’s only £15 per term to become a member of Active Imperial, and it doesn’t cost any more to be part of Team Active and get access to some great benefits!

If you want to take part register your interest by emailing Hannah now! Deadline Wednesday 30 May 2018.

There are only 30 spaces available for Team Active, don’t miss out!

* Vigorous activity is a form of exercise that is intense enough to cause sweating and/or heavy breathing/ and/or increase heart rate