Cycling at Imperial

Next event

Bike Auction
Date: 25th November
Time: 12.00 to 14.00
Location: South Kensington Campus, paved area around Queen's Lawn

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Active travel is a key element of the Be Active strategy at Move Imperial. On this page, we have pulled together information from across the college and the Imperial College Bike User Group (IC-BUG) relating to cycling at Imperial. We will continue to update this page with new information so do check back. If you have any questions relating to anything on this page, please contact us through ASK. 

IC-BUG offer two mailing lists for bike users who study, work or visit Imperial that wish to either stay up to date regarding events and announcements or to engage in discussion around cycling at Imperial. To join either of these mailing lists please use the links below:

You can also join the Imperial Cyclists Yammer group to engage in conversations, ask questions or share good news with fellow cyclists from across the Imperial community.

Cycling Guide

Bike Security

Where can I lock my bike?

South Kensington has two swipe card-access bike parks, one underneath the faculty building, the other next to the Huxley building. To get access for these, you must be staff or student, and can register here.

For other sites please visit here.

Locking your bike

Firstly, get a good lock, Sherfield Security (Room 155) sell Gold Standard D-locks for £35 to staff & students.

Always lock the frame of your bike to an anchor point (such as a stand), and additionally your wheels to your frame or the anchor. For a good overview on bike security, this blog offers good advice.

Security Marking

Registering your bike with BikeRegister is a great way to help identify your bike if it is ever stolen. There are a number of different ways to mark and register your bike so please visit their website for more information.

We are working on hosting events around security marking in the coming months so please check back for any updates.

If you bike is stolen please contact security on 020 7594 8906 or as soon as you can.

Cycling Safely

Bike Maintenance Courses

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea offer bike maintenance courses through Bikeminded, which are great for gaining a basic understanding of how to look after your bike throughout the year.

Cycling Skills

Bikeminded also offer cycling skill sessions for staff and students at Imperial. You can find out more information about these and also book a place here.

You can also have a look through these information slides from British Cycling around effective traffic riding.   

Cycle Routes

If you would like more information about TFL cycle routes around London then please visit their website to get more information.



Cycling Services for Staff and Students

Shower Facilities

There are shower facilities on campus which are accessible to all College ID card holder. Alternatively, staff and students can access the showers in Ethos with a basic staff or student membership. 

Information for Students

Students can join the Students Union Cycling club which caters all riders; whether you enjoy road riding, mountain biking, track cycling or racing in any of these disciplines.

Information for Staff

Move Imperial and the Payroll department have joined forces and together bring College staff an interest-free cycle loan.  Staff are entitled to borrow up to £2,000 to purchase a bike through the iCycle scheme. 




Bike auctions happen in the South Kensington campus in November each year. This is so that abandoned bikes can be removed to allow space for current bike users to lock their bikes. Proceeds from the action go to the Raise and Give society each year.

Out of core hours, all bikes in a storage area are labelled as being abandoned, normally at the start of October. Bike users are asked to remove labels from only their bikes, and after one month, all bikes that are still labelled are removed by security and stored for one week for reclaiming. Both the announce and discussion lists are notified during the first week of marking, they can ask the bike users’ representative to remove the label from their bike. The bike auction then takes place one week after the abandoned bikes have been removed.

If you’d like to donate your bike to a bike auction, please let security know on x58900, 020 7594 8906 or

Dates and times of the next bike action are 25th November on the Queens Lawn between 1200 and 1400.


Dr. Bike

Dr. Bike are mechanics that carry out free checking, maintenance and repair of bikes for staff and students. They generally have a rule of 20 minutes max per person and do not take bookings, so it is best to arrive early if you don’t want to wait in a queue. We are aiming to have Dr. Bike sessions at least once a term, if not more. Currently we have none planned, but in future we will have dates and times of these listed here. There will be Dr. Bike at each bike auction.


Bike Register

BikeRegister are a National cycle database that is used by police forces across the country to try and tackle bike theft. You can visit BikeRegister to register your bike for free and join over 700,000 bikes on their database. We will be running some small BikeRegister events throughout the year where you can collect more information and use some of their physical bike marking kits. 

Next event: Bike Auction

Date: 25th November, 12.00 to 14.00

Location: South Kensington, paved area around Queens Lawn

Please come down to the annual Bike Auction to support RAG and find yourself a new bike. All these bikes are being recycled from unclaimed bikes on campus with the help of campus security who have collected all the bikes for this auction. 


Useful links

Journey planners

There are many journey planners, each with different benefits, have a try of these to work out which one suits you best 


Cycling Groups

  • London Campaign for Cycling 
  • Sustrans - charity to promote active, sustainable transport (also the guys who set up the blue cycle network) 
  • Bikeminded - cycling in the Kensington and Chelsea 
  • Imperial College has a section dedicated to cycling, where you can find more information on security, staff cycle loan scehem and the Imperial Wheels Club