Taking Shape

Taking Shape: your body, your project.

I have lost over 20kg since being on the weight management program. For me it's about a long term journey and the team has supported me all the way. I would have never been able to go to some of the harder classes before I started working with the ALT but now I can on any challenges."

Mike Mussard

ICT Department

Whatever your objectives, take steps towards getting the body you want with this 8 week personalised programme from the Active Lifestyles Team.

If you are looking to lose weight, build strength, improve fitness or find out more about eating a varied and balanced diet that's tailored to you, this programme is ideal.

Taking Shape (formerly known as Weight Management) is an 8 week intensive programme (plus a week before for testing).  As part of the programme you'll receive nutrition, health and fitness assessments, monitoring and daily group training sessions throughout the programme. You will also get access to Ethos gym and swim. 

Furthermore the programme utilises a mobile nutrition app, which will monitor your nutritional daily requirements to help you reach your goals.



Sign up today!

Taking Shape 2018 will start on Monday 9 April. For more information or to register your interest, please contact Ben Brittain.

How does the programme work?

Once you sign up to the programme, you will receive all round support from the Active Lifestyles team from start to finish.

As well as classes and exercises, there will be workshops showing you how you can sustain your healthier lifestyle after the programme. This year we will have a community Facebook page, where we will share videos, the latest research and course updates as you progress through the programme. You’ll also be able to share your experiences and learn from other members of the Taking Shape course.

Here is an idea of what you can get from the programme:


Week 0 – building your personalised programme

You will receive one to one assessment on your health and fitness, your current nutrition and diet. Wwe will then help you set personal weight loss targets and give you a personalised programme.

Week 1 – 6 – working on your plan and keeping you on track

We will guide you through workout sessions, provide advice on diet and nutrition and organise group support sessions. You can access the Active Lifestyles advisors on a daily basis and use the gym, swimming pool and group classes at no extra cost. We will also review the progress of your exercise routines, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Week 7 – 8 – seeing the results and implementing your long-term plan

You will be looking and feeling much better now, and we will provide you with a final health and fitness assessment so you can see for yourself that it can really make a difference! Your journey doesn’t just end here, we will give you advice to help you continue with your lifestyle changes.