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Sport Club of the month: Ultimate Frisbee          

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Ultimate Frisbee

Club aim of the year: Continue to grow our membership and get more people playing, train people up to be playing good quality Ultimate, and for the 1st teams to compete at the highest level throughout the year at competitions.

Much like the sport of Ultimate Frisbee our membership is growing significantly and we are currently at 62 (a club record). We are a really accessible club where newer players can mix with and are trained up by the very best. We have a remarkable amount of talent; Roland Turell-Ritson played GB U23 in 2015 and Claire Baker is the GB U24 women’s captain for the U24 World Championships taking place in Perth in January 2018! With players like these, there is a great opportunity to learn from the best and get to play with them.

At the highest level of play, our 1st teams have done extremely well in the indoor competitions so far this season. Also known as the disc Doctors (dD for short), dD1 men won Men’s Indoor Regionals for the 3rd year in succession, dD1 mixed won Mixed regionals for the first time ever, and dD1 women had their best ever finish at women’s regionals coming in 2nd, with all three teams qualifying for division 1 nationals in all 3 gender divisions.

dD are not just about the 1st teams, we consistently enter strong 2nd and 3rd teams to these tournaments. In mixed we had 3 teams, all with an even number of girls and guys (what Imperial ratio?). In men’s, we had 3 teams, with both the 2nd’s and 3rd’s finishing strongly ahead of many other 2nd teams. And in women’s we were able to put out 2 full size teams, one of only a handful of unis to do so.

The outdoor season in spring is still a distance away, nonetheless we are training hard to compete at the highest level in men’s, women’s and mixed. Alongside this, there is a very active social side of the club, with everyone getting to know each other off the field and develop strong friendships both at full club events, but also at individual men’s and women’s socials.

Message from the Club Captain/President/Chair about the club: 

"Ultimate Frisbee is a unique sport in many aspects. Nearly everyone starts playing at uni, it is entirely self-refereed, and as well as men’s and women’s, you get to play mixed gender ultimate with guys and girls on the same field. This translates to a great club atmosphere where everyone can get involved no matter their ability, experience or anything else. You could even follow in the footsteps of several members who started at uni and go on to represent Great Britain!"

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Training times: Wednesday 13.00 - 15.00 and Saturday 12.00 - 14.00 (both at the old football pitches, Hyde Park)