Launching boat

A five-day intensive course for 14-18 year olds led by top coaches, coxes and fitness experts.

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Payment information

When making a payment, you will be asked to select either rowing course residential or rowing course non-residential as the organiser from the drop down menu. The rowing course will then be available to book.

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Developed for junior rowers, this summer course is specially designed to develop technique, improve health and fitness and enhance rowing ability during the summer holidays.

Courses run from Monday to Friday at Imperial’s High Performance Rowing Centre on the Putney Embankment and is available as either a residential or non-residential programme.

What to Expect

Two rowing sessions are held each morning and are tailored to each individual’s experience, ability and aspirations for the week. The afternoon focuses on a variety of land-based training sessions. In 2016 these sessions included:

  • Ergo technique
  • Video analysis
  • Strength & conditioning training
  • Nutrition seminar
  • Motivational talk from an Olympic rower.

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2017 Course Dates

DatesCourse typeAccommodation options
24 July – 28 July Course Full Course Full
31 July – 4 August  Course Full Course Full
7 August – 11 August Course Full Course Full
14 August – 18 August Course Full Course Full
21 August – 25 August Mixed Course Accommodation Sold Out

2017 Course Fees

Course typePrice
Non-residential course
(incl lunch and refreshments)
£515 per person
Residential Course
(incl shared twin accommodation and meals) 
£650 per person 

How to Book

  1. Download the ICBC Booking Form 2017‌ (pdf)‌. 
  2. Make a full payment online using our secure online payment system
  3. Email the completed booking form along with confirmation of payment to

Once an application form and payment has been received an email confirming your place on the course will be sent to you.

For further information regarding these courses or the booking process please see the FAQs page or email us with your enquiry.


What hours does the course run from and to?

We start at 09.00 each day, please arrive at 08.45 to allow for changing, filling of water bottles etc. We finish the afternoon session at around 16.00 except on Friday where we will finish at 15.00.

Is the course suitable for my son/daughter?

If they have some experience of rowing, then yes, it is! We can cater for a wide range of abilities from 'only been rowing for 1 term at school' to 'potential national squad athlete'. Please note down your son/daughters rowing ability and experience on their application form so we can group them together with others of a similar ability and make a swift start on day one.

What is the proportion of girls to boys on the courses?

All courses are mixed so it comes out around 50/50. Occasionally we have more of one sex due to the accommodation being segregated, but the courses are still mixed.

How much rowing do they do each day?

We row (weather permitting) two sessions each morning. Each session lasts 60 - 90 minutes, including the mid-morning break this will take up to lunch at 13.00. The afternoon session will be completed on land.

What do they do in the afternoon sessions?

Each afternoon session will be focused on an area to help you with your rowing outside of the boat. We will therefore cover sessions in: sports nutrition; correct weight lifting technique; core stability/posture; and among others, an inspirational talk from an Olympic rowing medallist.

Who will be coaching/teaching on the courses?

All adults on the staffing team are DBS checked. All rowing coaches are themselves very experienced in rowing, many of which teach at schools and coach rowing locally. The afternoon seminars are all taught by leaders in their own fields.

What food will be served?

For participants attending daily we serve fresh fruit and refreshments between the morning outings and also provide a lunch time meal. For residential participants we serve breakfast, mid-morning refreshments lunch and an evening meal. We can cater for all dietary requirements and allergies. Please note these down on the application form when applying to the course.

Where is the accommodation?

The accommodation is on-site in a fully self-contained flat above the boathouse.

What if I want to share a room but am coming as a residential participant on my own?

This is still possible but please book early as we only have a limited number of rooms available.

I've booked accommodation and I have a long journey to make to get to London. Can I arrive on the Sunday night before the course starts?

Yes this is possible through prior arrangement only arriving between 18.00–19.00 and at an additional charge of £30 per person payable on arrival. Please note, this does not include an evening meal but does include breakfast on the Monday morning.

What boats will we get to row in?

We use all types of boats of the courses from singles to eight's and octuples. Depending on your ability the coaches will decide what boat you go out in each session. If you want to concentrate on one discipline more than the other i.e. sculling, please note this down on the application form when applying.

How can I book a place on a course?

To apply for a place on a course, please download and complete the ICBC Booking Form 2017 (pdf)‌. 

Email your completed form to along with confirmation of payment, which you can make through our secure online payment system.

If your application is successful you will receive confirmation via the main correspondence email address you supplied on the application form. Due to the popularity of the courses we are unable to reserve places.

Are evening activities provided for the residential participants?

Yes. A range of evening activities will be offered, for example ten pin bowling, swimming, etc. However please be aware these activities will incur an additional charge to the participant.