Imperial Sports awards

Imperial Athletes celebrates the achievements of teams and individuals across club sport!

On the week of 28 June, we celebrated 2021's annual Sports Awards. The virtual award ceremony recognises and celebrates the efforts and sporting achievements of sports clubs and individuals over the academic year.

It has been yet another exceptional year in which usual sport activities were limited due to restrictions. Despite the hurdles, teammates have displayed tremendous efforts in maintaining the feeling of community in student sport.

This year, we presented five awards; Team of the Year, Coach of the Year, Outstanding Contribution, Sport Member of the Year and Rising Star. You can view the full results below!

Awards and Winners

Outstanding Contribution

This award recognises an individual that has gone above and beyond for their sport or physical activity at Imperial. This individual may not necessarily be in the first team or participate at elite level in their sport, but they have been integral to the functioning of their club. This is contribution could be in a range of different club areas, such as training, events, competitions, volunteering, or general club administration. This award is to recognise the lasting impression they have had on sport throughout their time at college.


Harry ReynoldsHarry Reynolds (IC Hockey Club)

Harry has been a key member of ICHC for the past 5 years, in that time he has held multiple executive positions and showing tremendous dedication to the club. Always very organised and helpful to members, he goes the extra mile to arrange activities and encourages inclusivity across club activities. The club can also count on him to show up and perform on match days, and will always be the first to support when needed for friendlies games or other matches across the club.

Coach of the Year

This award recognises the contribution of the coach; whether they have sustained, grown or progressed the student club and its sport. This is applicable to virtual coaching to acknowledge their contributions during this exceptional season.


Alexander NorrbrinkAlexander Norrbrink (Handball)

Alex has been invaluable during this exceptional year.  Despite only being in his second year, Alex stepped up into the coaching role to lead sessions for the club’s teams. His long experience of handball has allowed him to organise engaging and enjoyable sessions for members, and provided ample experience for matches and competitions. 


Club of the Year

This award will recognise a student club that has made an impact on the Imperial College environment. This is a club, where possible, that have had successes in all areas of their club over the past year. The impact will not only have been felt within their respective competitions (if applicable) but in all areas of their club, demonstrating good sportsmanship and actively engaging in the wider community. They have fulfilled a commitment to develop and progress their sport and people’s experiences and interactions within their sport across the College.



Handball have won Club of the Year award because of their work and dedication in forming and maintaining a community around their sport during this exceptional year. At the beginning of the year, with many existing members not being in London due to the pandemic, the club was still able to attract and welcome many new students to the club.  During the long months of lockdown, and in person activities being forced stop because of covid restriction, the club did not stop. The club hosted sessions online to maintain a sense of community, members also came together virtually to watch the IHF Handball World Championships. When restrictions did ease the club was quick to organised in person activities including friendly matches with a high turnout of attendance and success! Not only that they also competed in this year's BUCS, with both the men's and women's team putting out great performances across the weekend. 


Sports Club Member of the Year

An individual club member that has shown exceptional dedication to their sport in terms of performance. This individual does not need to be scholarship athlete or competing at elite competition level. But it is someone who has performed above and beyond for their club and in sport more generally. They are a member that have lifted the mood and kept spirits high during this exception year! 


Rebecca ThompsonRebecca Thompson (ICSM Women's Hockey)

Rebecca has been an asset to the club over the past year. Her friendly and helpful attitude has been so welcoming to new members of the club, and really welcomed them into their new hockey family. She has worked tirelessly over this exceptional year to provide opportunities to member to play hockey as much as possible when restrictions allowed. She was remained positive and lifted the mood across the club. 

Rising Star

This award recognises a student in their first year of membership to a club. They have shown outstanding dedication, enthusiasm, and passion throughout and have shown themselves to be a promising member of the sporting community for the future. 


Eve ButlerEve Butler (ICSM Women's Hockey)

Eve has demonstrated dedication and enthusiasm to the club this year. This has been reflected in very good performances in matches and has shown great leadership too. Eve has an exciting future at ICSM Women's Hockey Club!