Active Imperial

Welcome to Active Imperial - our programme of drop-in sessions, classes, and friendly competitions designed to be accessible for people of all experience levels.

Active Imperial aims to introduce you to regular physical activity in a welcoming yet engaging way, and allows you to try out a variety of new sports and activities.

As well as being a recreational programme, Active Imperial forms part of a Europe wide project “Active Campus Europe”.  We are one of sixteen Universities across Europe delivering a programme designed to help our community move more. 

How to join

  1. Visit the Ethos membership site 
  2. Purchase Active Imperial Membership for £20
  3. To register for an Active League – select the relevant bolt on.
  4. You will then have access to the Active Imperial Sessions.
  5. If you would like to attend our studio/group classes you will need to sign up for one of the following membership types:


How to become an Active Imperial Member

Further information

Eventbrite Bookings

Some classes require a booking to be made on Eventbrite prior to attending:

Five-a-side Football League

As part of Active Imperial, you can participate in your own five-a-side football league, open to students and staff of all experience levels. 

  • £75.00 per team
  • At least 5 people on the team must have an Active Imperial membership
  • The 5-a-side will run from Friday 8 October - Friday 10 December (12:00-14:00) with each game being 30 minutes
  • A ref will be provided for each match and your fixtures will be organised and set up for you to see online
  • You will receive a ‘basic rules of play’ document and a bib
  • Trainers only

Active Imperial Run Club

We host the Run Club every Tuesday at Ethos. You can choose from three experience levels and participate in a range of friendly challenges to help expand your horizons and abilities when it comes to running. Full details are available in the timetable above.

Join our team

We are hiring Sports Activators to support the delivery of the Active Imperial programme. Click the link on the right to find out more information or to apply with a CV and Cover Letter to Leisha Wegg (Active Lifestyles Manager).