The Move Imperial App is an online platform that rewards you for doing physical activity. It's completely free, all you need to do is become a Move Imperial member, download the app from iOS or google play and sign up.

The app enables you to earn rewards for being active, participate in weekly and monthly challenges where you can win prizes, set your own fitness goals and book classes. Our app will also allow you to link to many of the popular fitness tracking devices and apps on the market so you can record your workouts and track your performance. 

The drop downs below will explain how you earn points and how you can claim your rewards!

Points and Rewards

a. Points

The following actions will earn you will points which can be exchanged for rewards.

Action Description pointsLimit
 App Installed  Welcome to the Move Imperial app!   +10 1/ Lifetime 
 App or Device connected   Link to your favourite fitness wearable or app in connected apps. Points are limited to one connection per each app or device.   +2 1/ Lifetime 
Profile completed or updated Keep your profile information up to date and get rewarded for it   +10 1/ Quarter 
Close all Activity, Move, Stand or Exercise Rings on Apple Watch Close activity rings on apple watch. Get points every day by closing stand activity rings on your apple watch! +2 1 per day 
Connect wearable technology  Link to your favourite fitness wearable in connected apps. Points are limited to one connection per device.  +2 1/ Lifetime
Goal created Set a goal, reach a goal, earn mega points! +5 1 per day
Workout tracked  Move with connected apps or go to record a workout ti snao a pic of the cardio console post-workout or record one manually +2 5 per day  
Feedback provided  Get points for rating your experience with us +3  1 per day 
Challenge joined Visit the challenge tab and get points for each challenge accepted +5  3 per week
Challenge completed  Complete a challenge to earn points +15  No Limit 
Goal achieved Set a goal, reach a goal, earn mega points! +15  No Limit
 Every 10th goal achieved  Be a super achiever! Get extra points for your every 10th goal +50  No Limit 
Birthday bonus  Get points on your birthday date - have a treat on us! +100 1 per year 
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b. Rewards

How to claim your rewards:

  1. Click on the "REWARDS" tile on the homepage of the app
  2. Click the chosen reward from the list that you would like to claim.
  3. Click the "Yes, Claim it" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Show your phone to the Imperial staff member at the outlet which you are claiming your reward from.
  5. The staff member will click "mark as redeemed" and "confirm" on your phone once the reward has been recieved. 
  6. The reward will be confirmed with a screen showing "Reward Redeemed". 

The rewards:

Reward nameDescription Where to claim?Points required
 Fruit   500ml bottle of One Water still/sparkling from Taste Imperial Outlets   Selected Taste Imperial Outlets  +40
 Water  Enjoy a health snack with any of the following fresh fruit: Banana. Orange, Pear, English Apple   Selected Taste Imperial Outlets   +40
Cycle Reflectors  Move Imperial Cycle Relfector  Move Imperial  +50
Free Coffee/Tea A large tea/coffee from Taste Imperial outlets *Excludes speciality   Selected Taste Imperial Outlets   +40
Court Booking Book a squash/badminton  court at Ethos (subject to availability)  Move Imperial - Ethos  +200
Smoothie Energise and refresh with a smoothie: Berry Go Round,  Pash n Shoot, Faster master, Melon Refresher, Strawberry Split, Grape Escape, The Hulk Veg, The Kale Kick, Detox Veg, Avo go go.   Selected Taste Imperial Outlets +150
Protein shake bottle Move Imperial branded protein shake bottle (700ml). Available in 2 colours (pink and blue. Limited stock)  Move Imperial +75
T-shirt  Branded t-shirt  Move Imperial +150
Ethos Day Pass

Day pass to Ethos. Choice of going to the gym, the pool or a class.

Move Imperial - Ethos   +200
10% discount on Imperial Athletes PlayerLayer leisure range Get a 10% discount on any leisure  products ordered through the Imperial Athletes  webshop.  Imperial Athletes webshop +300
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Terms and Conditions: Offers are subject to availability and whilst stocks last, all points will be wiped each year (August 31st) any unused points will not be carried over. 

Is there a limit on how many points you can earn from each action?

Yes, some actions are limited to certain time restrictions. Each action point on the app will explain what the limit is. 

How long does it take for my points to process?

The points should be added immediately to your account. If you are using another connected app then they may take up to 2 hours to process.