Our performance sports are those teams that are currently competing at the highest level within the BUCS framework.

The Performance Teams are those that are competing at the highest levels within the BUCS framework. Move Imperial offers student athletes competing in these sports additional support, including specialised sport specific strength and conditioning sessions and access to additional benefits such as nutrition advice, lifestyle support and physiotherapy. 

Current performance teams
 Badminton Men PREM 
 Lacrosse Men TIER 1 
 Lacrosse Women TIER 1 
 Volleyball Men PREM 
 Hockey Men PREM 
 Squash Men PREM 
 Squash Women TIER 1 
 Waterpolo Men TIER 1 
 Waterpolo Women TIER 1 
Fencing Men  PREM 
 Fencing Women PREM 
Performance Sports & Leagues